Why #Give1Pound? Our Facebook fans say…

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
April 19, 2016


This Friday is Earth Day! Last week, this week, and through May 2, we’re celebrating the eco-friendly holiday in a plethora of ways. One of the major components of our Earth Day celebration are our daily giveaways on Facebook. For one of our giveaways last week, we asked participants to tell us why they think it’s important to #Give1Pound—and they responded with some fantastic answers.

Check out why our friends and neighbors think it’s important to #Give1Pound for Earth Day:

Giving so that clothing and items can be used by others is such an important part of our society. This act allows us to help ourselves, others in need, and our planet. When we give to Goodwill we also help others further by giving Goodwill the ability to offer the resources it does. I am one of those who have benefitted from Goodwill's merchandise, I am also a regular donator. Giving one pound on Earth day is an important reminder to everyone that we can recycle in more ways than bottles and papers in a bin.

Donating things is an incredible way to give back to our community and help them find jobs. To buy things what they need/want and reusing things is also a great way to save money and being thrifty is like finding treasures on a scavenger hunt. People go out of their way to find things what they really need/want in their lives. We are one big happy family and helping each other out in our communities and supporting Goodwill by saving good money!

#Give1Pound so it can help others. Goodwill is a great organization that helps the community, especially with their job training programs. Help the earth by recycling items instead of throwing them out, there is always a treasure to find.

It is important to #Give1Pound because we need to conserve and protect the amazing things we have on Earth. Reduce, reuse, recycle however you can. If you don't need something and can't use it, take it to Goodwill! We need to save the Earth not just for our generation, but the thousands of generations to come.

Donations help the community. It allows people to buy what they need affordably priced and proceeds go towards Job Training and Education Centers...

Donating is good for the environment and our community! Goodwill can reuse by selling or recycle many things, keeping them from the landfills. And they help so many people with job training!

Giving away to people in need helps that individual feel good about themselves especially when it's not possible for them to help themselves. I know it helped and made me feel good when the donors and staff of goodwill helped me when I was in need.

Check out our upcoming Earth Day giveaway prizes and enter to win a grand prize package here.

Earth Day 2016 Grand Prizes


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Thank you, Volunteers!

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
April 15, 2016

As we wrap up National Volunteer Week, we just wanted to say a hearty THANK YOU to all of the volunteers that serve in our Job Training and Education Centers, Vintage Fashion Collection, administrative offices, at our events, and more. Last year, 745 people in our community donated 11,599 hours to see the mission of Seattle Goodwill advance. And with their help, Seattle Goodwill served over 8,700 people through job training and education programs.

So, again, THANK YOU, Volunteers!

Each year, we have volunteer opportunities for individuals, couples and teams, and corporations. Read below to see how some of our community members have donated their time to support our mission.

Charles from Boeing
Boeing is a longtime partner of Seattle Goodwill, and supports our work in a variety of ways. One way they support us is through a volunteer group known as the Boeing Human Resources Career Foundations Program (HRCFP), led by employee and Seattle Goodwill volunteer Charles Bridges, Boeing HRCFP participant.



Kristi and Massimo
Kristi James and Massimo Tumini are volunteer models for our Vintage Fashion Collection — and walked the runway in our 2015 Glitter Gala and Fashion Show. Kristi learned about the volunteer opportunity, and was thrilled to learn that people of all shapes, sizes, and ages were invited to participate. After modeling at a few fashion shows and returning “ecstatic about how much fun it was,” she convinced her husband Massimo to join.


Cheryl Harrison volunteers as an instructor's aide at our Job Training & Education Center in Shoreline — and has been doing so for nearly a year. She found Goodwill while pursuing opportunities to get more involved with direct, hands-on service in the community.



If you or your company would like to get involved at Seattle Goodwill, check out our volunteer opportunities, and get in touch with our Volunteer Resource Coordinator Ingrid Hartsock by emailing volunteer@seattlegoodwill.org

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Earth Day Giveaways 2016

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
April 11, 2016

It’s that time again—time for Seattle Goodwill to celebrate Earth Day with over $3,000 in giveaways on social media! We LOVE Earth Day, love all things sustainable, and love getting to engage with other local businesses to bring our fans two weeks of awesome giveaways.

This year, we’ll be doing daily giveaways on our Facebook page April 11 – 22, Monday – Friday. Each giveaway will launch at 7:30 am, and close when the following giveaway launches. From now through April 24, you can also enter to win one of three grand prize packages via the form at the bottom of this blog.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for #Give1Pound updates, and all the giveaway info you’ll need.

Here are the prize packages and timeline:

Each grand prize package is described below, and also comes with a Washington State Parks Discover Pass, a matted Washington State art print from local artist Mrs. Caiterbug’s Shop, and a $25 gift card to The Container Store.

Grand Prize Package 1: 
A pair of Sounders FC tickets, two Sounders FC scarves, and a $100 gift card to Sports Den

Grand Prize Package 2: 
A set of four Seattle Mariners tickets, and a $100 gift card to Sports Den

Grand Prize Package 3: 
A pair of tickets and camping pass for Timber! Outdoor Music Festival, and a $100 gift card to REI



Monday, April 11:
A pair of tickets to go see theSeattle Opera perform Flying Dutchman, courtesy of City Arts Magazine, and a $50 gift card toEthan Stowell Restaurants

Tuesday, April 12:
NW 58th St cuff bracelet, a certificate for a Full Tilt Ice CreamBirthday Party package, a certificate for one Cubes Bakingcake, and a $50 gift card to MOD Pizza

Wednesday, April 13:
A $100 gift card to Gene Juarez Salons, a $50 gift card to Café Flora, a $25 gift card to Blue Highway Games, and a $25 gift card to Cinerama

Thursday, April 14:
A NW 58th St cuff bracelet, a $50 gift card to Majestic Bay Theater, a certificate for one Cubes Baking cake, and a pair of tickets to Sherlock Holmes and the American Problem performed bySeattle Repertory Theater

Friday, April 15: 
A NW 58th St cuff bracelet, a pair of tickets to Sustainable Sounds at Tractor Tavern, presented byKEXP, featuring Ivan & Alyosha,Lemolo, and Evening Bell, a $50 gift card to La Isla Cuisine, a $50 gift card to MOD Pizza, and a $25 gift card to The Container Store

Monday, April 18:
A NW 58th St cuff bracelet, a pair of tickets to Sustainable Sounds at Tractor Tavern, presented by KEXP, featuring Ivan & Alyosha, Lemolo, and Evening Bell, a $10 gift certificate to Full Tilt Ice Cream, a $50 gift card to La Carta de Oaxaca, a $50 gift card to MOD Pizza, and a $25 gift card toIvar’s

Tuesday, April 19:
A NW 58th St cuff bracelet, a set of 4 Mariners tickets, a $50 gift card to Restaurants Unlimited, Inc., and a gift card to Intrigue Chocolate

Wednesday, April 20: 
A $50 gift card to Tom DouglasRestaurants, a Tom’s Big Dinners cookbook, a 8” chef’s knife from Hot Stove Knives by Tom Douglas, a $25 gift card to Cinerama, and a $25 gift card to Ivar’s

Thursday, April 21: 
A pair of tickets to see the Pacific Northwest Ballet perform American Stories, courtesy of City Arts Magazine, and a $50 gift card to Restaurants Unlimited

Friday, April 22: 
A set of 4 Mariners tickets, a $25 gift card to Pike Brewing, and a $50 gift card to Cupcake Royale


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Celebrate Earth Day and #Give1Pound

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
April 8, 2016

Here’s a not-so-fun fact for you: Every year, the average individual throws away over 70 pounds of clothing. If the same holds true in Seattle, with the current estimated population, that’s over 46,000,000 pounds of clothing that goes to the landfill—that could be reused or properly recycled.

This year for Earth Day we’ve partnered with a number of local personalities, companies, organizations, and artists to invite YOU to #Give1Pound. Thanks to the generous and eco-friendly donations that our community members brought in last year, Seattle Goodwill kept over 50 million pounds of reusable or recyclable goods out of the landfill! Even if your clothes are torn and tattered, thanks to Threadcycle, we can accept them and make sure they’re properly recycled.

And when you donate, you don’t just reduce your eco-footprint. You also support Job Training and Education Programs right here in our community—giving our neighbors new opportunities to achieve economic self-sufficiency. Your donations make an impact on individuals, families, and ultimately strengthen our community. Last year, we helped over 8,700 people through our programs thanks to donors like you!

Over the next three weeks we’re celebrating Earth Day and all things sustainability. Check out the below info, and tune into our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels for updates and to see which local personalities joined us to #Give1Pound.

Here’s what’s on deck:

Earth Day Giveaways: April 11 – 22, M – F
Join us on social media for a chance to win some fantastic prizes from local companies, organizations, and artists. Giveaways will happen daily on our Facebook page—and you can enter to win one of three grand prize packages! Look at the daily prize list, and enter for the grand prize here: http://bit.ly/ED16entry

Uber Spring Cleaning: April 16, 10 am – 4 pm
Did you do your spring cleaning, but don’t have time to make the trip to Goodwill? On April 16, you can have Uber pick up your load, and drop it off at a Goodwill location for FREE. Get all the details you need from Uber here: http://ubr.to/1S9kFcr

SMLunch: April 21, 12 pm – 1:30 pm
We’ve partnered with The Feary Group to host SMLunch at our gorgeous, LEED Gold Certified Seattle Goodwill Administrative Building. Marketers, brand ambassadors, and community mangers from throughout the city are invited to get offline and meet face-to-face. We’ll be presenting on our #Give1Pound Earth Day social media campaign. You can purchase your ticket here: http://bit.ly/1qxALHg

Sustainable Sounds with KEXP: May 2, 7 pm
We’ve partnered with KEXP to bring you a special night of music in celebration of all things sustainable—and supporting Goodwill’s Job Training and Education Programs. Join us at Tractor Tavern on May 2 for Sustainable Sounds featuring local bands Ivan & Alyosha, Lemolo, and Evening Bell. You can purchase tickets here: http://tktwb.tw/1Y4xn0P

Are you donating? Post a photo with your donation and share it with us on social media with the #Give1Pound and @SeattleGoodwill tags! 

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Connecting Goodwill with new transportation opportunities

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
March 23, 2016

Seattle's new transportation opportunities connect Goodwill regionally.

When Seattle Goodwill opened its first store at the corner of Boren Ave and Virginia Street in 1923, Seattle’s population was around 315,000. By that time, we had state, county, city, and privately owned transportation options including ferries, cable and street cars, and traditional rail. Over the next 93 years, Seattle changed a lot—the city’s footprint grew, population boomed, then shrunk, and is now booming again. Today Seattle’s population is around 662,000 and our central region is served by four primary transit agencies that all work in tandem: Seattle Department of Transportation, King County Metro, and Washington State Department of Transportation, and Sound Transit.

Thanks to these agencies—and a couple of recent major additions—our 24 stores are more accessible than ever. Not only can you access every one of our stores and job training centers by regional transit—but the ability to navigate between them is improving.

The two recent expansions that we’re excited for are the Seattle Street Car and Sound Transit’s expanded Link light rail.

The new Seattle Street Car runs from Pioneer Square, up Jackson Street through the International District, and across Broadway on Capitol Hill. This serves as an excellent connection between our flagship store on Dearborn, and our Capitol Hill store. It also gives people who live on Capitol Hill a quicker way to get to our Seattle Job Training and Education Center.

Since 2009, residents who live on the Sound Transit Central Link light rail line have had fairly easy access to our Seattle Outlet and our store on Dearborn—with stations less than a mile from each store. As of March 2016, the Central Link line connects the southernmost tip of our 7-county region (Tukwila) with stops less than a mile from our Seattle Outlet in SoDo, Seattle store on Dearborn, Capitol Hill store, South Lake Union store, and about a mile from our University District store.

In the areas where the distance between the station and our store is a little longer than you might want to carry your purchases (or donations!), there are additional transit options—like the South Lake Union Street Car—that help close the gap.

We’re not just excited about the interconnectivity between our stores, though. Expanding the Central Link line gives all of the residents that live near it easier access to our largest, most centrally located, Job Training and Education Center—giving them access to work readiness programs, vocational training, youth programs and a variety of support services.

Use our location finder to find stores, donation sites, and job training centers near you!

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