Glitter Gala Interns: Jenn

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
October 17, 2014

“I think I’ve got all the good time periods,” Jenn joked.  Jenn is is a senior Costume Design student at Cornish College of the Arts and one of our two Glitter Gala Fashion Show Interns. She’ll be designing the outfits for some of the segments in this year’s “Reinventing the Future” themed fashion show.  “The 1920s are very elegant—and the 1950s/60s are kind of spacey—and I LOVE scifi—and the 80s are all video games—and I like video games.”

Jenn hails from Hanover, PA, and found her way to Cornish after getting involved with theater productions in high school, and researching one of her favorite costume designers Colleen Atwood, who also went to Cornish.

Her spunk is unparalleled, and her face lights up when she talks about ideas that she and fellow intern Sonya are working on for the Gala. “I love getting to go through storage and shopping—you find really cool stuff and get inspired from there.” The evidence of her inspiration will be made public on November 1st at the Glitter Gala.

Outside of her internship, you might find her delving into the world of comic books and playing video games. She loves dinosaurs and aspires to attain a white fringed leather jacket just like the one Sloan wore in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

When asked what she would like to do once she has finished with her degree. “My hopes and dreams?” she replied, “To be Wonder Woman. Other than that, I plan to be a successful costume designer—but I’m very open. I love working with vintage stuff. I’ve thought about working with a vintage collection at a museum—or designing costumes for dance theater.”

See Jenn’s work at the 9th Annual Glitter Gala Fashion Show!

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Glitter Sale 2014: Kate Spade

by Katherine Boury, Seattle Goodwill
October 15, 2014

Kate Spade launched her career with her namesake handbags and now the brand includes stylish designer clothing and accessories.  Kate Spade is one of the many designer names that you will find at the 31st annual Glitter Sale on November 8 and 9.  Check out a few of the pieces for sale this year!


Preview items from the sale including clothing, jewelry, accessories and other glam attire on Goodwill’s blog, Cup of Goodwill.  Sign up to receive blog posts at

And don't forget to RSVP on our Facebook event for early access to previews! 

Photography by Brett Doss

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Glitter Sale 2014: First Look

by Katherine Boury, Seattle Goodwill
October 13, 2014

Come shop the Glitter Sale this November 8th and 9th!  For the past 31 years, Seattle Goodwill  has been selling designer, vintage, and unique one-of-a-kind items clothing and accessories at this special sale.  This year designer pieces include Burberry, Prada, DVF, Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Betsy Johnson, Trina Turk, Coach, Michael Kors and more.  This year there will also be a small selection of wedding dresses and an expanded selection of silver jewelry for sale.

All sales from the Glitter Sale benefit Goodwill's free job training and education programs that help individuals in our community get the skills needed to gain employment.

Preview items from the sale including clothing, jewelry, accessories and other glam attire on Goodwill’s blog, Cup of Goodwill which you can sign up to receive posts at  Check out a few of the items below for sale this year!

RSVP for the sale, and receive early and exclusive previews here:

Photography by Brett Doss.

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Glitter Gala Interns: Sonya

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
October 11, 2014

Sonya Hachez is a senior in Cornish College of the Arts Costume Design program (with a second concentration in Scenic Design), an artist, a mother of two, and one of our two Glitter Gala fashion show interns. She is originally from the Pacific Northwest, but moved away at a young age, and returned as an adult and enrolled at Cornish. “I’m an older student, and raising my children. I’ve always done costuming for myself, my children, and my friends on the side.”

Once she began interning with Seattle Goodwill, she made the connection to the mission. “If you think about it, this part of my education, I’m helping others get the education they need—through costume design! As a student and mother of two, I can’t really help much financially—but I can intern, and enable others to give through the Glitter Gala. I love the connection.”

Sonya is styling several segments of the “Reinventing the Future” at the gala. She’s especially excited about the 1930s and 40s era segments she’s working with.  “I’m really smitten with the noire 30s/40s section. Women in power suits, amazing, vibrant colors—the strength of the feminine form is really enhanced in that era.”

She’s an all-around artist, and loves getting involved in and experiencing various types of art. “It’s that exploration of self through art,” she said, “It’s a beautiful thing.” It’s no surprise that after finishing her degree, she wants to get involved with the Seattle theater and film world. “I like manipulating environments to feed a story. It’s all about story-telling to me.” Aside from pursuing her artistic passions through theater and film after Cornish, she also plans to have awesome Halloween parties—since that’s her favorite holiday!

Join us on November 1st at the Glitter Gala to see Sonya’s work on the “Reinventing the Future” fashion show! 

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Halloween Trends 2014

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
October 8, 2014

What are YOU dressing up as for Halloween this year? (We understand if it’s a secret!) This year, it’s estimated that around 162 MILLION people (and 23 million pets) will celebrate Halloween. And for the first time in eight years, Halloween falls on a FRIDAY! This means more parties—and an uptick in adults celebrating the holiday—with approximately 77% of adults planning to dress up.

For the first time ever, a number of Goodwill companies partnered with ORC International Research to ask people about their Halloween habits. The poll had three aspects: a national phone survey, a nationwide in-store costume poll (thanks to all shoppers who participated!), and opinions from some of the world’s top costume designers and manufacturers. Together, we gathered Halloween data from over 9,000 people—and we want to share some tips with you!

  1. With over 60% of adults preferring do-it-yourself (DIY) costumes, you can expect a bit of a rush at thrift stores as we get closer to the 31st. Start shopping as early as possible if you’ve got your costume planned already—and check in regularly if you haven’t found what you’re looking for. We’ve got plenty of stock for the season—but it rotates quickly!
  2. About 50% of adults are most impressed by unique or funny costumes. If you’re looking to be the highlight of the party—aim for something unique, unlikely to be duplicated, and funny!
  3. According to Karen Bauer from Bauer Pacific Imports, your costume doesn’t need to be complicated. “Using your imagination is key,” said Bauer. “Take a witch hat and pair it with a pair of gloves and it’s that easy – you have your costume.” Trends are indicating that minimalist costumes will be popular this year! (The legacy of Jim Halpert, perhaps?)
  4. Watch for media trends that might be fun to play off of. Howard Beige of Rubies, the world’s largest purveyor of Halloween and theatrical products, says, “I always tend to wait until a few weeks before Halloween because news and current events affect what adults wear.  An example of this was last Halloween’s 2013 Miley Cyrus’ twerking outfit – which became popular in the last month.  So it’s a little too early to say what will become that spectacular costume this year.”
  5. Warren Berkowitz of Forum Novelties said, “Monitor media and entertainment, using books, movies, and TV. Any supplier of Halloween products is a good idea source, be it a store or the internet.  Browse the stores, browse manufacturer websites and use your imagination, after all this is all about fantasy.”

If you don’t have a plan for your costume yet, visit our DIY Costume Collection—it’s got some tips on what pieces to pick up for various themes, including many of this year’s trending looks. When you costume is ready, come back between October 20th and November 2nd to submit a picture of your 2014 Halloween costume in our 5th annual costume contest! Stay tuned on our Facebook and Twitter pages, too, for two weeks of giveaways and some Halloween tips and tricks!

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