Upcoming Events: Fall 2017

by Andrew Lang, Seattle Goodwill
September 12, 2017

When the summer temperature drops and that cool, crisp fall air rolls in, we at Seattle Goodwill start getting excited. Color-changing leaves and the beginning of football season marks the beginning of a different season for us — Glitter and Halloween season. Some of our favorite holidays and most exciting events are coming up in the next few months. Here's a look at everything we have going on, and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for holiday and event updates.


This is our 10th annual Glitter Gala & Fashion Show—and we’re excited to gather with community and business leaders at our only fundraising event. Our theme this year is Universe of Potential, and all proceeds will support our wraparound services, which are critical to our students while they complete courses and work toward a better economic future for themselves.

There will be a cocktail hour featuring a prize raffle, silent auction, bling toss and also a pop-up shop. After cocktail hour, we’ll settle in for thematically inspired fine dining and the fashion show. Afterward, guests are encouraged to stick around for the after party, where guests can dance the night away and meet fashion show designers.

Event details and ticketing >>


SHOP HALLOWEEN: In stores now!
Swing by one of our stores for all of your Halloween costume needs—from base pieces to alter and create something new—to ready-made costumes—and all the accessories and makeup you may need to create the perfect look.

DIY TOUR: October 7-22

Do you LOVE Halloween like we do, but don’t know where to get started when it comes to crafting that perfect costume? Or maybe you’re a costume pro but just want to add some more creative ideas to your repertoire. We’re here to help, and we’re coming your way! New this Halloween season is our DIY Tour, which will make stops during the weekends between October 7-22 in Seattle, Redmond, Silverdale, Capitol Hill, Monroe, Shoreline, Juanita, South Everett, Edmonds and Bellingham. Make sure to check-in on our social channels for updated information.

GIVEAWAYS: October 20-November 1
Tune into our social media channels on weekdays from October 20 – November 1 to enter to win a variety of local prize packages. As we get closer to the giveaways, we’ll release the list of prizes and giveaway days.

COSTUME CONTEST: October 17-November 2
Submit a photo of you or your child in this year’s Halloween costume for a chance to win some awesome prizes! In past years we’ve had prizes like tickets to a Seahawks game, Deck the Hall Ball, or other local big-name concerts!

Stay tuned on our blog and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for contest and giveaway details—as well as costume inspiration and DIYs! Use #GoodwillHLWN to show off your costume progress on social media!

Goodwill Halloween >>


Curious when the Preview Shop Sale is happening? Want to know where, when and how to get tickets? RSVP to our Glitter Sale Facebook Event.

GLITTER SALE: November 11-12 
This is our biggest, best, brightest and arguably most fun sale of the year. Shoppers come from all over the country to shop for eveningwear, purses, shoes, jewelry, designer labels and vintage fashion in this two-day shopping event. Tune into our blog and Facebook Event Page for previews, tips and information about the Glitter Sale Preview Shop event! Use #GlitterSale to share your finds—and see finds from others.

Glitter Sale >>

Our stores, donation sites, job training and education centers and administrative offices close each year on Thanksgiving so our staff can enjoy the holiday with their loved ones.

Stay tuned on our Sales & Events calendar for store hours and details on our After Thanksgiving Sale!

Sales & Events Calendar >>

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Goodwill Faces: Mitzi, Sucelly, Bianca, Matthew

by Andrew Lang, Seattle Goodwill
August 23, 2017

Catch up on Goodwill Faces with the four stories below. Tune into our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to follow our weekly #GoodwillFaces series!

Years ago Mitzi moved from Eastern Washington to the Kitsap Peninsula with nothing but her three younger kids, belongings they could fit in their pillowcases and a box of homeschooling materials. A dedicated mother of seven who for 17 years homeschooled her children, Mitzi had divorced following 31 years of marriage. She had nowhere to live, no income and no clue how to find work. With low self-confidence and over three decades out of the workforce, she felt hopeless. A job is what she needed to become self-sustainable. She connected with Seattle Goodwill and began taking the Retail and Customer Service Program at Bremerton’s Job Training and Education (JTE) Center. Mitzi was offered a job at Bremerton’s Goodwill store, where she has worked the past six years. She refers to the store as her home, due to the strong customer and employee relationships she’s forged. Any opportunity Mitzi gets to share Goodwill’s mission, she takes full advantage. She also always encourages customers to round their change up at the register in order to fuel the mission she’s benefitted from.

“The whole reason Goodwill exists is because of (job) training. I remember not only not having a job, but not knowing how to go about getting a job. That’s a pretty hopeless feeling. They’ll sit down with you elbow-to-elbow and will show you on the computer how to go on there and how to make your resume and how to apply for jobs. That gives you hope.  It’s not help by giving (students) money. Money goes away. It’s help by teaching them how to get a job. You know how tangible that is? You can do it, and Goodwill can help you. I am proud to work here. I like being here, because I help people.”



Sucelly endured many hardships growing up in Guatemala. Raised by a single mother, Sucelly’s mom traveled to the United States to create a better life for Sucelly and her sister. At 9 years old, Sucelly and her sister embarked on a dangerous trip in order to join her mother in California. Sucelly’s family didn’t have much, but Sucelly excelled in school and knew education would be her ticket to improving her livelihood. She had to put her dream on hold after starting a family, but last year Sucelly discovered Seattle Goodwill’s South Everett Job Training and Education (JTE) Center, joined its Career Pathways Program and began taking CC 101. She enrolled in Everett Community College, where she’s become active on campus working with international and DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) students. She’s now working toward a degree in Computer Information Systems and takes pride in being a great wife and outstanding example for her 3 year old daughter.

“At first I thought, ‘Goodwill, they offer classes?’ I thought it was just for shopping. We went in to the center, and they are really nice people. I started going to classes and learning things. They just showed me the pathway to start going to college. They showed me what I had to do, where I had to go and they even paid for the test I had to take. They have helped me a lot. When they told me about their classes and said they could help me, I got so excited. I think of my daughter, and I just want to keep on going forward to finish and be like, I did something for my daughter, my family and for my mom to be proud of me. I am just thankful for meeting Goodwill, all the work they are doing and for my family pushing me.”



Bianca received her first felony at 18 years old and later received a 15-month prison sentence. Bianca fell into a tumultuous cycle of having no life direction and getting in trouble. The felony convictions discouraged her from attending college, and instead she completed culinary school, which she eventually realized wasn’t her passion. Bianca later started cosmetology school but was unable to finish. She reached a low point when she didn’t have a job, got kicked out of her mom’s house, became homeless and was living out of her car. But Bianca’s life took a positive turn when a friend told her about Goodwill and its programs dedicated to helping people with criminal records find work. She was accepted into Goodwill’s Retail and Customer Service Program, and Bianca thrived. She landed a job in Goodwill’s E-commerce Department and developed a passion for helping others, especially those who’ve dealt with some of the same barriers she’s had to overcome. Bianca’s work ethic and persistence earned her a job in Goodwill’s Job Training and Education Department as the Warehouse Logistics Training Program Instructor. The job is particularly gratifying for Bianca, because the program largely works with people who have criminal backgrounds and are struggling to find work.

“It didn’t really register what a great thing Goodwill is doing for people until I became an employee and really started to learn about all the job training and education. I just got really inspired during that time. When I heard about the (Retail and Customer Service) program, I thought this is my second chance. Before, I went to school and tried these other things, but they weren’t set up to support me the way Goodwill has. Some of us have messed up our lives so much that we need a specific program that is really going to support. I have learned so many skills. My vocabulary has grown. My professionalism has grown. It’s just the whole entire Goodwill is support for me. It’s good to know there are organizations out there like this.”



Matthew was simply looking for a summer job when a teacher at Everett High School told him about Seattle Goodwill’s Youth Aerospace Program. He quickly learned the program wasn’t a summer job, but rather it was a two-year commitment where he would develop strong soft skills and connect with future career opportunities in the aerospace/advanced manufacturing industry. Although Matthew’s first passion is creating music, he pursued the program because of all the important life skills he knew he’d develop. He has improved his public-speaking skills, has learned to be open and connect with people who are different than him and has received a strong view of what a career in the aerospace industry would look like. Matthew recently graduated from high school and has forged a bond with the program, instructors and other students in the program’s cohort. He’s enrolled at Everett Community College and will begin taking classes soon.  

“The first time they had a little orientation, they started talking about all the things we would be going over and told us they’d be teaching us how to do more public speaking and learning how to build a resume and volunteering. That really started to pique my interest. I’ve grown as a person, and I have learned to be on time and if I want something I need to go get it instead of waiting for it to be handed to me. Learning to come together as a group was a huge barrier that the program has helped me overcome. I have learned how to communicate and have a good work relationship.”


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Summer DIY with Gary: Barrel Table & File Cabinet Raised Plant Bed

by Gary Foy, Goodwill DIY Guy
August 22, 2017

One of the best parts of creating an outdoor gardening space is crafting an area that reflects your own personality and uniqueness.

Seattle Goodwill is DIY (Do It Yourself) headquarters. There’s no creative limits to what can be made using Goodwill materials, and there’s nowhere else you can find such an eclectic assortment of goods all in one spot.

As part of our Summer DIY series, I, with the help of Goodwill teammate Nicole, recently made a beautiful barrel table that provides a great statement to any outdoor setting.

Here’s the supplies we used:

  • Used barrel
  • Sander
  • Can of KYRLON Satin Finish Crystal Clear Spray Coating
  • Corks
  • Bottle of LOCTITE SI 595 Adhesive/Sealant Clear Paste
  • Glass table top

The first step is purchasing an old, used barrel. Don’t worry too much about the condition. As long as the barrel is in one piece and doesn’t have too many ugly markings, it’s fine. Blemishes here and there can be removed. Use a sander to smooth out the wood, and remove unflattering marks on the barrel.

Next apply two coats of KRYLON Satin Finish Crystal Clear Spray Coating to the barrel. This will give it a nice look and also bring back a little color you sanded out.

This next step is a bit tedious and takes some patience, but apply a layer of LOCTITE SI Adhesive/Sealant to the top of the barrel and begin laying down the corks you either purchased or collected in a circular pattern.

Finally, head to your closest Goodwill and purchase a gently-used table for the glass top. Remove the glass, and fashion it to the top of your corks.

Mobile File Cabinet Raised Plant Bed

Sometimes you need a before and after picture to do a DIY project justice. That’s certainly the case with the unattractive metal file cabinet we thrifted at Goodwill and turned into a fun, colorful gardening bed.

Here’s the supplies we used:

  • Old metal filing cabinet
  • Four standard caster swivel wheels
  • Hammer & large nail
  • Power drill
  • Paint & primer
  • Stencil & spray paint
  • Large cloth (for paint spills)

First remove all the file cabinet’s contents so all you have left is a shell. Turn the cabinet upside down, grab your hammer and a large nail to create starter holes for the wheels to fasten in to. Then take your power drill and drill holes before attaching wheels. Drill a few additional holes along the bottom for drainage, and screw down your wheels.

Lay down your large cloth, flip your cabinet upright so the wheels are against the ground and begin applying a fun “paint and primer” combo color that will give your gardening bed a nice pop. Once dry, use your stencil and spray paint to design the front of your bed. Apply dirt and plants as desirable.

Not only do we enjoy making DIY projects, we love seeing everyone else’s creations. Please tag us in your social posts (@SeattleGoodwill on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and share how you’ve used your Goodwill finds.

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Summer DIY with Gary: Beachcomber & Adult Beverage Table

by Gary Foy, Goodwill DIY Guy
August 17, 2017

Summer time in the Northwest means long walks along Alki Beach, memorable camping trips and outdoor entertaining on your patio. But maybe you don’t have the budget to deck out your outside living space exactly how you’d like. A great way to apply your own signature touch and create a fun, unique space is by doing it yourself.

Seattle Goodwill is DIY (Do It Yourself) headquarters. There’s no creative limits to what can be made using Goodwill materials, and there’s nowhere else you can find such an eclectic assortment of goods all in one spot.

Our 24 store locations contain a wide away of dining room tables. I recently took a basic wood table we found and, with several quick and easy steps, transformed it into an elegant beachcomber table suited for an ocean view.

Here’s the supplies we used:

  • Large wooden table
  • Sander
  • Chalked Rust-Oleum paint
  • Chalked Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte protective top coat paint
  • Several clothes (for paint spills and wiping down table after sanding and before and after painting)
  • Open, well-ventilated area

Find an open space and lay down a protective cloth before you place your table down in an effort to avoid paint stains or sanding debris. Use your sander to smooth any ridges on your table. Create a smooth surface in order to apply paint. Make sure to get as much off the old topcoat/sealant of the table as possible to ensure the paint dose does not flake or peel off.

Paint the surface using a color of your choosing. The key is making sure you apply enough coats of paint. The Chalked Paint series is intended to give you a vintage or patina look. Once you finish painting, relax and wait until it’s dry.

Once the table has dried, use the edges of your sander to create that nice, worn and weathered look. Don't worry about going to deep. Wipe away any debris and go to your local Goodwill to furnish the table with some colorful kitchenware.

Adult Beverage Table

Perhaps a beachcomber table isn’t the right match for you. We got creative and made a fun, adult beverage table that was quick and easy to make.

Here’s the supplies we used:

  • Small circular table
  • Matching chairs
  • Sander (if needed)
  • Rust-Oleum Chalkboard paint
  • Rust-Oleum Flat Protective Enamel
  • Large cloth for paint spills
  • Open, well-ventilated area
  • Chalk

I recently found a circular glass table and two matching black chairs for the foundation of our DIY project. Lay down a cloth to protect from paint stains, and use your sander to sand down the table’s surface if needed. After that, use a can of Rust-Oleum Chalkboard paint and begin applying coats. We used five coats, but you can use less if you applied primer. The key is heavy paint coverage, so the table can be used for years.

Next I taped off the chairs in areas we didn’t want covered and applied Rust-Oleum Flat Protective Enamel to the surface to protect from corrosion and rust. Once your table and chairs are dry, grab a pail, fill it with chalk and now you have a fun, interactive adult beverage table.

Not only do we enjoy making DIY projects, we love seeing everyone else’s creations. Please tag us in your social posts (@SeattleGoodwill on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and share how you’ve used your Goodwill finds.

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Goodwill Faces: Freddy, Vasilika, NeeCee, Zophie

by Andrew Lang, Seattle Goodwill
August 4, 2017

Catch up on Goodwill Faces with the four stories below. Tune into our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to follow our weekly #GoodwillFaces series!

Freddy fled his home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo and came to the United States seeking asylum in September 2015 with no knowledge of the culture, English language or any idea how he’d start a new life. Freddy gave up his training in the Catholic seminary in 2011 when he developed a deep desire to help his fellow countrymen. Freddy left behind his family, and 34 days after arriving in the U.S. he discovered Seattle Goodwill’s Job Training and Education Center. Freddy enrolled in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses, improving his English-speaking skills through each level. He took Goodwill’s Cashiering and Customer Service course, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, began volunteering in computer classes and now acts as a Goodwill Ambassador, informing the community about Goodwill’s mission. Freddy also gained access to a Goodwill case manager, who connected him to Goodwill’s many support services. Freddy, who has a master’s degree in philosophy from the Democratic Republic of Congo, recently received his employment authorization and is well on his way toward achieving his goal of a career in computer science.

“I decided to move to the U.S. to save my life. When I first came, life was very hard for me. When I started my first class at Seattle Goodwill, everything changed in my life. This program helped me a lot with my situation as an immigrant. They were sensible with my problems. My case manager and I met every week and helped me build confidence. This is the right place that can help everyone who needs, because I can testify that Seattle Goodwill changes people’s lives. I am proud to be a student at Goodwill.”


In the spring of 1998 Vasilika arrived in the United States at age 28 from her home country of Albania after winning a green card lottery in which only two of 5,000 people in her town were selected. She was seeking a life for herself that didn’t seem possible due to the economic climate and the Albanian Civil War of 1997. Vasilika was in college and working as a teacher while studying to get her teaching degree in Albania, but decided to put her dream on hold. Vasilika worked several customer service jobs and worked her way up to an assistant manager position, but left after 10 years when the economy took a downturn. Six years ago she was hired at Goodwill’s Bremerton location as a production supervisor. The store manager worked with Vasilika’s schedule so she could work full time and go to school. She earned her two-year degree in business management, and while working at Goodwill she got to know the Job Training and Education (JTE) staff. When a department opening came up, the JTE staff encouraged Vasilika to apply. Now Vasilika works as a computer instructor in Bremerton’s JTE Department, achieving the dream she set out to accomplish before she came to the U.S. nearly 20 years ago.

 “When I was in production I got to see we were supporting the mission of Goodwill, but it was in a way of helping people find product, the right item, the right price. When I came to this position I saw the other side of it. I was like, ‘Wow, this is what it really means.’ When all these people come through my class and they have the barriers like I had in my life and they succeed, it makes me very happy. Dreams come true. I would say dreams can sleep for a while and they wait for the right moment to flourish. Coming over with $100 and being able to survive and support my family while I was here—I had to send them money very often. Now I have my own life, my own family. I think I have achieved quite a bit.”


NeeCee set a goal for herself five years ago when she first began working as an associate at Seattle Goodwill’s Southcenter location. Her intention was to one day work in the Job Training and Education Department (JTE). She’s always enjoyed helping others and, as a foster child, she frequently assists her family in finding resources that have allowed them to overcome their own barriers. At Goodwill, NeeCee quickly became a supervisor in retail and connected with human resources to learn how she could land her dream job in JTE. She her displayed initiative by partaking in Goodwill’s Mentorship Program, networked, practiced mock interviews with JTE members and after years of persistence was hired as an employee specialist.

“It is still hard to believe, although I feel like I belong here. I want to give back. I know from experience just in my life that nobody has to do anything for you, and anything given to you is always a blessing. I try to give back whenever possible, and that’s how I live my life. I would say never give up, never stop reaching and go to those who have been there and can help show you the right path to take. That is really what helped me.”


There are days when Zophie, even after over a year of volunteering, still can’t believe she gets complete access to Seattle Goodwill’s Vintage Fashion Collection (VFC). For a fashion lover such as Zophie, it’s paradise. Once a week she travels from Everett to Seattle to research, date and inventory hats. She also mends hats in preparation for Goodwill fashion shows and displays. Zophie has been trained by some of the best milliners in Seattle and plays an important role in Goodwill’s VFC, which is an expansive time capsule of clothing and accessories dating back to the mid-1800s. Goodwill’s Job Training and Education Programs are a large piece of the mission, but our VFC also works to educate by allowing our community access to historical pieces. Zophie has spent countless hours working in the collection, but she admitted she never feels like it’s true work. That’s partly because she’s entrenched in what she loves and also because she’s never been treated better as a volunteer.

“The Goodwill mission statement really speaks to me. Education is so important, across all aspects of our society. We learn critical thinking skills, we gain understanding of others’ experiences and with that comes empathy. One of the strengths of Goodwill is how privileged you feel as a volunteer here. This has just been a breath of fresh air for me. It’s amazing being around a collection like this and to have access to it. I feel blessed every day. I also feel really blessed to be introduced to the people who are involved with Goodwill. Every time I came in (the VFC) I would say, ‘This is amazing.’ We have a bonnet from the Oregon Trail. It still has dirt on it from the Oregon Trail.”



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