Digital Thrifting at Seattle Goodwill Online

by Joshua Holland, Seattle Goodwill
September 11, 2013

Seattle Goodwill bookcase for the Online DepartmentIf you're a dedicated thrift shopper you most likely have a handful of stores you visit frequently to look for treasures. But did you know one of the closest and well stocked shops is just a few clicks away? For over a decade, Seattle Goodwill has used its digital marketplace to share some of its best finds with the world.

Our specialists select finds from donations – about 3% of all store donations, and sell them online. Items selected tend to have a very unique audience making it a perfect candidate for online where donor gifts can find perfect homes. The online store features a wide array of items including musical equipment, collectibles, DVDs, and much more.

To make digital shopping easy Seattle Goodwill's online department provides in-depth descriptions about products and takes a variety of pictures to help customers better visualize their potential purchase. The department prides itself in speedy responses to customer inquiries and maintains a friendly customer service policy. If a customer doesn't like a product they can return it to the store via mail with little question or hassle.

One of the online department's most popular items is Legos. Originally sold in our stores, the department has found a market online where they are able to connect directly with diehard Lego fans. “Lego fans are very particular about what type of pieces they're looking for and are quick to distinguish what is a Lego and what isn't,"  Amina, Ecommerce Store Manager, says. "We have to be careful not to mix a Mega Blok in with the Legos."

Lego BinLego Strom Trooper and Darth Vader

A few of the rarer pieces get fans very excited. The division once had a Star Wars figurine sell for $180. Shopping the site is good year-round but Amina suggests customers be extra alert during the holidays when the store gets an influx of items including decorations, clothing, watches, and jewelry. To learn more about Seattle Goodwill's online store visit Here you can browse the entire online collection or dive into Seattle Goodwill's individual stores on eBay, Amazon, and As with all Goodwill retail sales, online purchases benefit Goodwill’s free job training and education programs which help put people to work.

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Joshua Holland is a digital strategist with a passion for storytelling. His personal interests include cuisine, the outdoors, urban environments, art and social networks. He enjoys traveling and meeting new people.

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