Goodwill Design Sequence – August 15, 2013

by Henry Galvin, Seattle Goodwill
August 15, 2013

Thanks to generous donors, a lot of noteworthy design items make it into our stores every year. These items vary in importance ranging from common articles of design to one-of-a-kind creations. Some are signed and identifiable, while others remain anonymous as to their origin.

To help shed light on these items, I'll be periodically highlighting a few selections in a new blog series titled "Goodwill Design Sequence." The criteria for these items is virtually unlimited - outstanding design, questionable design, folk art, pop art, and everything in between. Below is the first entry in the new series. Thanks and enjoy.

Steelcase 451
Steelcase is probably one of the most overlooked furniture brands in the resell market. They have so many styles and designs that there could probably be a blog solely dedicated to their furniture products. Most of the items I see are for the office or work environment, and metal fabrication is one of their greatest strengths. A lot of their pieces are virtually indestructible – maybe because they used to make safes (steel/case). Here’s the steelcase armchair model 451 in (bright) orange, 1978.    

Bright Orange Steelcase Armchair Model 451, 1978 Bright Orange Steelcase Armchair Model 451, 1978

Jamaica Stool
This cast aluminum seat was created with a body's contours in mind. Its lightweight design and easy portability make it ideal for entertaining or breakout areas. Constructed in cast aluminum and steel, it is 100% recyclable. The Jamaica Stool by Pepe Cortes for Amat.

Jamaica Stool by Pepe Cortes for AmatJamaica Stool by Pepe Cortes for Amat

Kalmar Ice Bucket
Kalmar teakware is not very rare but a teak ice bucket in pristine condition is a tough find. This square ice bucket is roughly 8x8 inches with a hard plastic liner,  a nice accent piece to enhance the usefulness or ambiance of a bar.

Kalmar Ice BucketKalmar Ice Bucket


HenryHenry Galvin is a writer and Goodwill employee.  Formerly based in LA as a fashion designer, photographer, and writer, he’s now turned his eye to the realm of current and retro industrial design products. He is the author of the literary fiction/science fiction chronicle Near Future on North Eternity Street, Henry focuses on design-oriented posts ‘Goodwill Design Sequence.’ 

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