Zipcar and Seattle Goodwill Team Up to Increase Donations

by Katherine Boury, Seattle Goodwill
September 3, 2013

Zipcar's ZipvanZipcar, the world’s leading car sharing network, has teamed up with Seattle Goodwill to help increase donations to the organization by offering significant discounts and incentives for Zipcar members to use its fleet of Ford E-150 Zipvan cargo vans to transport oversized or multiple goods too large to fit in a car.

Existing Zipcar members get $15 in driving credit when they use Zipvan for a donation run. Information on the program and links to join and receive credit can be found on the web at

Seattle Goodwill, which earlier this year celebrated its 90th anniversary, provides free job training and education programs to individuals with significant barriers to economic opportunity to help them gain employment and self-sufficiency. To support its mission, Seattle Goodwill sells donated goods from the community through its retail stores.

“Our partnership is a win-win for everyone.” said Catherine McConnell, vice president of communications and development at Seattle Goodwill. “With Zipvan, donors get a convenient and cost-effective way to drop-off goods that they might have been unable to donate. This will help increase revenue at our retail stores and support to our mission.”

Zipcar offers 20 Zipvans in and around Seattle. These Ford E-150 cargo vans include two up-front seats and more than 230 cubic feet of cargo space – enough room for furniture like a couch, armoire, desk, sporting equipment like bikes, windsurf boards, or electronics like televisions.

“We’re so happy to be able to help Seattle Goodwill address a pressing business need by encouraging the use of Zipvans to donate larger sized – and higher value – items for sale in their stores,” said Carla Archambault, general manager of Zipcar’s Seattle region. “As students get ready to move back in to dorms and houses, as families shift from summer to fall, or as people hit the last of the garage sales and Craigslist, now’s a great time to combine those trips with a stop at Seattle Goodwill, supporting a great organization and saving some money on the van.”

For maximum convenience, Zipcar has parked a Zipvan at Seattle Goodwill’s Dearborn Street drop-off/retail location for the duration of the program. Ample parking onsite makes it easy for donors to drive their car to the location, swap it out for a Zipvan, and pick it back up after the donation.  A total of 19 other Zipvans are conveniently located in many other neighborhoods around Seattle.  Members of Zipcar can reserve a Zipvan, as well as up to 30 other makes and models, by logging in to their account at


Katherine Boury is the Communications Manager at Seattle Goodwill.

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