Our Mission at Work: Meet Danilo

by Lauren Robinson, Seattle Goodwill
August 31, 2012

When Danilo was just 17, he was in a car accident which left him with a neck injury that affected his vocal chords.  He now has a severe speech problem and sometimes uses a voice box to communicate, but he has not let that stop him from working.  Danilo repaired lamps at a Goodwill store in Guam, and then worked in the hospitality industry in Hawaii.

When he and his family moved to the Kitsap area, and he needed help finding work here, he came to our Bremerton Job Training Center and began taking classes.  Danilo found the support he needed, and he considers Goodwill instructor Reggie a “teacher, friend and mentor.”  He now feels confident in finding a job that uses his skills.

​Danilo with instructor Reggie Deriso.

Every time you shop at or donate to Goodwill you are helping someone like Danilo make a better life for themselves.  Thank you for your continued support of our mission to change lives through job training!


Lauren Robinson is the Digital Communications Coordinator at Seattle Goodwill.

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