Making Room for 2013 Glitter Sale Finds

by Cindy Jobs, Organizing to Simplify
November 18, 2013

Did you find some fabulous treasures at the Glitter Sale? Great! Now you may need to do some work on your closet to make room for them. Here are a few tips to make sure your closets are functional, not frustrating.

The most important part of the process is to be able to critically analyze each piece of clothing and ask yourself these three questions about each and every item in your wardrobe:

1. Do I love it and feel great when I wear it? Does it project the image I want people to have of me? (LOVE IT?)

2. Did I use it this season or can I use it next season? (USE IT?)

3. Am I keeping it because I feel guilty about spending money on something I really don’t use? Unfortunately, keeping a bad purchase doesn’t make it a better purchase. (GUILTY PURCHASE?)

Because apparel items are so personal, sometimes it’s hard for us to be critical about what we should keep or get rid of. For this project, enlist the help of an honest and trusted friend.

Use the following roadmap to help get your closet under control and give yourself a bit of breathing room. Make “KEEP” decisions based on only filling your closet to 80% of capacity.

1. Carve out enough time to go through the entire process.

2. If possible, purchase enough of the same style of hangers (plastic, wood, flocked, etc.) as you possibly can. Having all your apparel hanging at the same level on the same type of hanger will make it easier for your eye to focus on the individual pieces of clothing. You may want to also invest in multi-tiered hangers if you have several pairs of pants that you know you will be keeping.

3. Set up six boxes, bags, or staging areas:

a. KEEP: For items you are planning on keeping in your closet.
b. THROW: For items that are worn out, stained, etc.
c. GIVE: For items to give to people you personally know.
d. DONATE: For items in good repair that can be donated to a local charity like Goodwill.
e. ALTERNATE SIZE: For items that you love and expect to fit into within the next 6 months. Date the box/bag with a review date of 6 months in the future.
f. SEASONAL: For items you love, but won’t wear for several months.

4. Take everything out of the closet. Yes, everything. Even if you know you are keeping it you will (hopefully) be moving it to the new, uniform hanger style.

5. Sort your apparel by type: Work vs. Casual. Then fine-tune the sort by style or color: short sleeve vs. long sleeve, etc.; black, white, color, etc.

6. Touch every piece of clothing and ask yourself the three questions mentioned earlier: LOVE IT? USE IT? GUILTY PURCHASE?

7. Put the items you want to keep away on the new hangers and place them back in the closet in groupings that make sense to you: work; casual; sleeve length; color; etc.

8. Process the THROW/GIVE/DONATE/ALTERNATE SIZE/SEASONAL boxes, moving them to their appropriate new home.

Being organized reduces stress and saves time and money. This is never more true than in our closets where we need to create space for all the aspects of our lives, from work to recreation.

Glitter Sale Rack


Cindy Jobs is a Professional Organizer and owner of Organizing to Simplify.

Want to schedule a free in-home consultation with Cindy? Email her at or calling (206) 707-3458.

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