Stretch Your Holiday Dollars at Puget Sound Goodwill Stores

by Katherine Boury, Seattle Goodwill
December 9, 2013

Merry Christmas Letters

The holidays are upon us again – store shelves are stocked, holiday tunes are playing and shoppers are in search of something special. Goodwill stores across Puget Sound have holiday treasures at low prices. Shoppers will find an abundance of trees, lights, dolls, ornaments, books, toys and all the trimmings, with new merchandise stocked every day.

Holiday expenses can add up and it can be challenging to stay on budget. On average, Americans spend $700 on purchases such as gifts, meals, decorations and postage.

Teddy BearsSet of Small Holiday Houses

To get the most out of your holidays while staying within your budget, Goodwill offers these resources and suggestions for holiday shopping without sacrificing the spirit of giving.

  • Make a budget and check it twice: Making a holiday budget before the holidays begin will help you clarify your spending capabilities and give you a clearer picture of what you can afford.  Create a list of loved ones, brainstorm a few gift ideas and write down a maximum spending amount for each person.
  • Shop at budget friendly stores like Goodwill: Goodwill offers book collections, housewares, clothes, furniture, toys and more that will suit the needs of even your pickiest recipients and various budgets. Plus, when you shop at Goodwill, you double your benefits. Since the money you spend helps fund free job training and education for community members in need, you are giving to more than just the loved ones on your list.
  • Get great deals on the web: Do you prefer to do your gift shopping online as you sip a delicious mug of hot chocolate and listen to your favorite holiday music? If so, then is the place for you! Search thousands of items and with just the click of a mouse you can make bids on one-of-a-kind finds that will be a great gift.  For more ideas visit to shop Goodwill on eBay, and
  • Save even more with our weekly tag sales: All of the items in our stores are marked with a specific color tag, most based on when the item was put in the store to be sold.  The color of the tag sale rotates on a weekly basis, so check the calendar to see what colors are coming up!
  • Visit the Ravenna Holiday Shop: The Ravenna store offers a unique shopping experience by providing a variety of harvest and festive items. The store is open every day from 11 am – 6pm.
  • It is always good to give back: Often during the holidays, our thoughts turn to those who are less fortunate. However, giving back doesn’t have to cost any money at all. By donating clothing, electronics and other household items you no longer need to Goodwill, you are helping the community and setting a great example of giving back in a cost-effective way. Plus, with numerous Goodwill donation drop-off locations, donating couldn’t be easier.

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Katherine Boury is the Communications Manager at Seattle Goodwill.

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