Capitol Hill Location: Opening May 2nd!

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
April 3, 2014

Who’s ready for our new Capitol Hill location!? We’re excited to announce the official opening date of our 24th Seattle Goodwill location which will be May 2, 2014! On our first day open, we’ll have a bit of a shindig with prizes, giveaways, and even a DJ to welcome the early-evening guests. Festivities will begin when the doors open at 9am and it will continue until they close at 9pm.

The new store will be at 115 E. Belmont Street—what used to be the Half Price Books. The 15,000 square feet building will house an assortment of merchandise, a donation center, and employ forty people in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. (Pro-tip: We’re currently hiring for a number of those jobs! ) Our Cap Hill location’s merchandise will appeal to budget & fashion conscious shoppers; have men’s & women’s apparel, women’s accessories, and home & office décor items.

If you’re already well into your spring cleaning, you can already donate at the Capitol Hill location—while simultaneously supporting the greater Seattle community through job training and education programs that are supported by your generous donations.  So if you’re one of the many on the Hill who moves mid-summer, keep us in mind as you downsize to make the move easier! We’re just up the street now, and would love to put your gently-used items to good use!

If you’re on the Hill on Friday, May 2nd, be sure to stop in so we can meet you, peruse the racks, and enter for giveaways and join us for the opening of our Capitol Hill location!


Kim fancies herself a professional communicator. She has experience in writing, graphic design, and social media, and is always looking to expand her knowledge base into other fields of communication. She loves people, coffee & Seattle (including the rain).

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