Goodwill Craft Corner: Framed Jewelry Organizer

by Ingrid Hartsock, Seattle Goodwill
September 27, 2012

Today’s Goodwill Craft Corner project is a Framed Jewelry Organizer.  This fun and creative jewelry organizer uses a wall-mounted frame found at any Goodwill store to display and organize earrings & necklaces.


How long it takes to make: 2 - 3 hours working time; 3 days total (includes time for the paint to dry and multiple coats of paint)

What you need: a frame, sandpaper (optional for giving the edges a weathered look), spray paint/paint (I think spray paint applies more easily and evenly), chicken coop wire, wire cutters, a staple gun, pliers (optional), fabric (optional), screw hooks


  1. Lightly sand the edges of the frame if you’d like to create a distressed look.  I only suggest sanding if you’re using a natural wood frame.
  2. Spray paint the frame.  Be sure to follow the coating and drying instructions on the spray paint label.  Most spray paints call for 24 - 48 hours for the paint to fully dry.  Don’t worry about being perfect with the paint, especially if you’re going for a distressed look.
  3. Measure a piece of chicken wire that is ½” to 1” larger than the opening of the frame.  Cut the chicken wire using wire cutters.  (It’s easier to measure the chicken wire if you’re using a square or rectangle frame as opposed to an oval or circle frame.)
  4. Frame detailUse a staple gun to attach the chicken wire to the back of the frame. You can use pliers to bend the ends of the wire to make it easier to staple.  Use short staples (3/8” is best) because larger staples can cause cracking in the frame.  Be careful - the thinner your frame, the more likely you are to see cracking from the staples.
  5. If you want to add some fun color or pattern to your jewelry organizer, staple fabric to the back so it shows through the wire.  Cut the fabric to be the same size as the wire, roughly ½” to 1” larger than the frame opening.  Adding fabric will also protect your wall from scratches from the chicken wire.  If any wire pieces stick out past the fabric, trim the wire with the wire cutters or take extra fabric and staple it on top of the exposed wire edges.
  6. Add screw hooks to the bottom of the frame to hang necklaces.  You can paint them the same color as your frame or leave them as the silver or gold color they come in.

Now find the perfect spot to hang your frame. I love that I get to look at my jewelry collection each day rather than having it all hiding away in a box!


Ingrid Lewison is the Volunteer Resource Coordinator at Seattle Goodwill, which means she gets to spend her days working with Goodwill’s awesome volunteers and the Development team to strengthen community partnerships. She lives in Ballard with her husband, Chewy (woof!) and Napkins (meow!), and spends her free time seeing live music as much as possible.

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