Glitter Gala Interns: The brains behind the fashion show

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
September 30, 2014

Since 2006, Seattle Goodwill has been putting on the Glitter Gala as our major fundraising event.  Every year, models hit the runway wearing creations made of donated goods and put on a spectacular show for attendees. 

This year, the fashion show theme is “Reinventing the Future” and it will take you through decades of fashion from the 1900s through the elusive future. The outfits will be a mixture of vintage and modern styles—and will take you on a journey through the invention and reinvention of fashion.

The theme taps into the idea that is pervasive throughout our organization: not only do many people buy items from our stores and refashion them into something new, but our students reinvent their future through our programs.  They take the knowledge and experience that they have, build upon it and gain new knowledge and experiences, and essentially reshape their future.

What you may not think about, as you’re being dazzled by the display of costumes and couture, are the people behind the meticulously designed outfit: Sonya and Jenn, our two Glitter Gala fashion show interns. They’re both seniors at Cornish College of the Arts, and will be graduating in the spring having studied Costume Design. Together, with the help of our Events Assistant & Vintage Coordinator, Kim Tepe, they are going to tell the story of reinvention through decades of fashion and costumes. “We’ve really been able to build where the design focus could go,” Sonya said, “to take the ‘Reinventing the Future’ theme and run with it.”

Sonya and Jenn are working hard to create a narrative array of outfits that transition from yesteryear through forthcoming fashion. “We didn’t really need to build the transitions between eras much—they happen so naturally,” said Jenn.  “The colors transition very well.” In talking about the future segment of the fashion show, Sonya summed up what you can expect at the Glitter Gala on November 1st, “We want the future to be ethereal, romanticized—it can be undefined because it’s just an idea. We want the potential to be anything—but we want it to remain a dream, because when you get there, it’s not the future anymore.”

Stay tuned on our blog for individual profiles of Sonya and Jenn and more Glitter Gala info—and we look forward to seeing you there! For more information about purchasing tickets:


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