Glitter Gala Interns: Sonya

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
October 11, 2014

Sonya Hachez is a senior in Cornish College of the Arts Costume Design program (with a second concentration in Scenic Design), an artist, a mother of two, and one of our two Glitter Gala fashion show interns. She is originally from the Pacific Northwest, but moved away at a young age, and returned as an adult and enrolled at Cornish. “I’m an older student, and raising my children. I’ve always done costuming for myself, my children, and my friends on the side.”

Once she began interning with Seattle Goodwill, she made the connection to the mission. “If you think about it, this part of my education, I’m helping others get the education they need—through costume design! As a student and mother of two, I can’t really help much financially—but I can intern, and enable others to give through the Glitter Gala. I love the connection.”

Sonya is styling several segments of the “Reinventing the Future” at the gala. She’s especially excited about the 1930s and 40s era segments she’s working with.  “I’m really smitten with the noire 30s/40s section. Women in power suits, amazing, vibrant colors—the strength of the feminine form is really enhanced in that era.”

She’s an all-around artist, and loves getting involved in and experiencing various types of art. “It’s that exploration of self through art,” she said, “It’s a beautiful thing.” It’s no surprise that after finishing her degree, she wants to get involved with the Seattle theater and film world. “I like manipulating environments to feed a story. It’s all about story-telling to me.” Aside from pursuing her artistic passions through theater and film after Cornish, she also plans to have awesome Halloween parties—since that’s her favorite holiday!

Join us on November 1st at the Glitter Gala to see Sonya’s work on the “Reinventing the Future” fashion show! 


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