Holiday DIY: Peacock Ornaments

by Ingrid Hartsock, Seattle Goodwill
November 21, 2014

Holiday crafts are a great excuse to get together with friends and drink hot chocolate—not to mention you can save a lot of money by creating holiday décor at home!

Two years ago I decided to change up the colors for my Christmas tree, and landed on peacock colors (shimmery gold, brown, green, blue). Luckily, friends and family gifted some awesome themed items to start the color transition: a hand-me-down peacock tree skirt from a good friend and a few ornate peacock ornaments from my mother.

After realizing how expensive it would be to purchase all new ornaments and décor, I got crafty. I reused 40 peacock feathers from a Halloween costume (let’s just say this was “The Year of the Peacock”) and I checked out our Goodwill stores for some craft supplies. I was also able to find over half (20+) of the ornaments I needed at the Ballard and Seattle stores!


Step one: Gather supplies.
I suggest looking at Goodwill for everything first!

  • Peacock feathers
  • Clear Glass Ornaments
  • Hot glue (optional)
  • Scissors

Step two: Remove the ornament cap and trim off the ends (the eye) of the peacock feather so that it fits inside the ornament. You may need to trim the ends of the feathers slightly so they are able to open fully once inside the ornament. It’s easy enough to get the feather in and out, so trial and error for size is just fine!

Step three: (This step is optional.) If you want your feathers to stay in place, add a drop of hot glue to the ornament cap and secure the feather to it before putting the cap back on the ornament.These also look great if you simply put the feather inside the ornament with no glue at all.

Step four: Secure ornament caps and wipe any fingerprints off the ornament. Hang these cute, budget friendly ornaments on the tree!

Peacock feathers worked for my holiday theme but you could add glitter, herbs, pine cones, ribbon, tinsel, paint, etc. to make them work for your home.

Happy crafting—and don’t forget to enter your project into our Holiday DIY contest!


Ingrid Lewison is the Volunteer Resource Coordinator at Seattle Goodwill, which means she gets to spend her days working with Goodwill’s awesome volunteers and the Development team to strengthen community partnerships. She lives in Ballard with her husband, Chewy (woof!) and Napkins (meow!), and spends her free time seeing live music as much as possible.

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