Thrifty Valentine’s Day Ideas: Treasure Hunt

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
February 13, 2015

This thrifty Valentine’s Day idea might require a bit more planning—but is definitely worth it! Take your date on a city-wide scavenger or treasure hunt with clues that you’ve created to remind your significant other of shared memories and favorite moments between the two of you.

Start by brainstorming places, occasions, and things that remind you of things you’ve done together, places you’ve been—and maybe even some items just to let that person know that you know them well (e.g., reminders of his or her favorite things)—and then start writing your clue list. How long your clue list is should depend on how much time you want to spend on the hunt, the physical area you want to cover, and how you are getting around that area (walking? bus? car? roller skates?).

Once you’ve established a pretty good list of clues, head to your preferred Goodwill location and pick up a trinket for each clue. For example, you might have seen Elton John at the Key Arena and want to celebrate that. Your clue would be written to remind your date of that date so you can pick up an Elton John cassette, and hide it with the next clue somewhere kind of hidden near the Key Arena. Lead your date on the hunt (perhaps with some gentle reminders)—and wrap it up by having the final clue at a place to make a new memory like a restaurant, a park to watch the sunset, or an evening activity.

Keep in mind, your date will be collecting trinkets all day, so be sure to bring a way to carry them like a backpack or tote—especially if you don’t have a car!

This can also be adjusted to fit a group of close friends simply by shifting the clues from an individual focus to a group focus. Maybe even split up into smaller groups and make it a competition by giving each group the list of clues, and the group with the most trinkets at the end of the night wins!

Happy hunting!


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