Expanded vintage selection at U-District!

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
February 18, 2015

The [insert decade] called. They want their [insert clothing item] back. 

In recent weeks, we gave a few hints on Facebook and Instagram about expanding the vintage selection at our U-District store—and guess what… it happened! Over the past few weeks, we’ve stocked the loft area with a totally tubular (or groovy, or copacetic, or awesome, depending on what decade you’re from) selection of vintage goods. Anything over twenty years old is classifiably vintage. (Which, by the way, now includes anything made in or before 1995.)

What can you expect from this selection? University District store manager Marcus McCoy said, “As far as popular eras, we typically receive donated items that qualify as vintage as far back as the 1940’s. We can have pieces from every era—but we see more and more 1970’s and ‘80’s items. Neutral tones and denims are popular.  We have the occasional “LOUD” pantsuit. 1980’s neon snow coats were a prevalent hit this winter.” The selection is refreshed weekly, so like many seasoned thrifters will tell you, checking back regularly is the best way to find that perfect item.

Marcus has some insight into adding some vintage flare to your existing wardrobe. “The key for shopping vintage is really mixing it in with your existing wardrobe.  The general rule is to keep your outfit 50% vintage or less—otherwise you run the risk of looking costumed.  That being said, our store has been a destination for UW’s Greek Row students looking for vintage items for their themed events.  “1980’s Aspen” was a theme this winter—bright sweaters and leg warmers sold out that weekend.  For guys, the Hawaiian shirt or standard Pendleton wool shirt are popular.”

Take a peek at the new and improved U-District vintage selection below!


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