Our Mission at Work: Meet Dolores

by Katherine Boury, Seattle Goodwill
October 10, 2012

DoloresLittle D is the name the Shoreline Goodwill has given to little 4’8”, 75 year-old Dolores, a graduate from the Shoreline Retail Customer Service Program.  After her husband passed away, Dolores moved to Seattle in 2001 from the Philippines, not knowing anyone.  She had been to Seattle with her husband and remembered liking the weather.  Little D came to the Shoreline Job Training and Education Center in desperate need of employment, and she dedicated herself to the program and to getting a job.  After six weeks in the program her determination paid off, and Delores was hired as a seasonal cashier at the Shoreline store.  “I loved the job training – it is a very good program.” Dolores said.  “I learned a lot and the instructors were really helpful.  I still go to them for advice.”

Her good attitude and strong work ethic were noticed by her coworkers and managers, and after only a month and a half of working Dolores received an Employee of the Month award. Dolores was offered a part-time position at the store and was brought on as a permanent employee.  “I like to work,” said Dolores.  “There is a challenge every day – it keeps you alive!”

By shopping at or donating to Goodwill you are supporting our job training and education programs, which every day help people like Dolores get closer to employment and self-sufficiency.


Katherine Boury is the Communications Manager at Seattle Goodwill.

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