It’s National Volunteer Week!

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
April 12, 2015

THANK YOU to every volunteer that donated their time to Seattle Goodwill. We could not have served as many students without the volunteers who joined us in our mission to provide quality and effective job training and education opportunities in our communities. So—from the Seattle Goodwill staff—THANK YOU.

“We are so lucky to have such a hardworking crew of volunteers at Seattle Goodwill. From Burien to Bellingham, they are making a difference in and out of the classroom every single day. This week, and every other week, I am grateful for the service and dedication of our volunteers!” said Ingrid Hartsock, our Volunteer Resource Coordinator.

In 2014, 500 volunteers gave their time, valued at over $300,000, in a vast variety of positions—ranging from fashion models at our Glitter Gala, to helping us restock the Glitter Sale shelves, to serving our students through tutoring, to working with our Vintage Fashion Collection, administrative tasks, and much more. Volunteers are an essential part of our organization!

“I grew to better understand the struggles that a lot of people have as new arrivals to this country – including learning a new language, finding jobs, and providing for their families,” Shirley, a long-time volunteer, said of her experience. “Goodwill is amazing in what they offer, including opportunities to learn job skills and job training. They truly help people find their way, including immigrants and people escaping homelessness or domestic violence.” Because of her belief in the mission of Goodwill, she’s been volunteering with us for almost twenty-five years!

There are many ways to volunteer with Seattle Goodwill. Whether you can offer a few hours a year—or a few hours a week—we can help you find a volunteering opportunity that is meaningful and valuable to you. There are opportunities for individuals, groups, and even corporations (check out our partnership with Bank of America!).  For more information on how to get connected, and opportunities available, visit our Volunteer Page!

And once again—THANK YOU to all of you who have given your time and talents at Seattle Goodwill!


Kim fancies herself a professional communicator. She has experience in writing, graphic design, and social media, and is always looking to expand her knowledge base into other fields of communication. She loves people, coffee & Seattle (including the rain).

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