Spring Cleaning: Yard & Garden

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
June 6, 2015

Over the past two months, we’ve shared a lot of Spring Cleaning tips. We’ve shared tips on getting ready to tackle all of the projects spring cleaning can entail, some ideas on how you can get kids involved with some of the tasks, indoor “dry” room cleaning, tackling the kitchen & bathroom, and getting your garage up to snuff. What could possibly be left?

Your yard and garden!

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener with years of perennials under your belt, or new to having your own yard to turn into your summertime haven—there are a few simple things you can do to get your yard useable and ready for enjoying the sunshine.

Depending on the state of your yard, it might be worthwhile to start the project by clearing out debris, raking, and getting your yard into a state where you can make some decisions on what you want it to look like when you’re finished.

If you don’t need to start with debris removal, start with pruning and trimming. That way, you can just drop what you clip off, and rake it all up later. Trim bushes, foliage, and trees to get them into the state you want them in. Pull weeds along paths and in gardens. If you don’t have the right tools, check out your local Goodwill. Gardening tools are a common find! Once you’ve done the trimming—then rake and remove what you’ve left behind!

Now that you’ve got all your clippings and debris out of the way, mow the lawn and take a weed eater to the edges of sidewalks and paths, gardens, and any other area you can’t quite get to with a mower—like the legs of a swing set or the edge of a play house. If need be, rake again to get the grass clippings tidied up. Don’t forget—all that debris can go in your Yard Waste bin!

Before you head to a nursery or yard/garden store for seeds and plants—decide what you want to do with your space. Do you have a color theme? Do you want to replant every year? Making those decisions before you go shopping will help you be able to navigate the aisles of foliage! Your plans can also include how you want to set up patio space, any DIY projects you might have in mind—like any one of these projects from our friends at Dunn Lumber. Goodwill is an excellent place to source items to be altered into your perfect garden setting piece! Once you’ve decided on your plan of action, and your budget, head to your favorite local stores to pick up the materials—and get to work!

The yard and garden might be a multi-day undertaking, but you won’t regret it once it’s ready for your backyard BBQs, outdoor play, and relaxing evenings on the patio!

Whatever you do in your yard and garden, we’d love to see how Goodwill helped—and you can enter to win a number of amazing prizes in our Goodwill #GoodSummer Contest! Enter here: http://bit.ly/SGWsummer


Kim fancies herself a professional communicator. She has experience in writing, graphic design, and social media, and is always looking to expand her knowledge base into other fields of communication. She loves people, coffee & Seattle (including the rain).

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