Tips from Declutterella: How to ease into the back-to-school transition

by Elena Nebreda,
August 12, 2015

It’s almost that time of the year again! Make it easy and stress free by starting early with a plan that makes room for all the things you want for the school year that’s coming:

1) Plan ahead. Make a list of the things you need to make your life easier and ask your family to add to it. This is your blueprint when shopping and deciding which new items will you substitute outdated ones for.

2) Gather everybody’s schedules and design a new schedule that includes them all. Color code it to make it very clear at a glance when getting ready the night before or in the morning and put it out a couple of weeks before school starts on a thrifted dry erase board or pin board where weekly notes can be taken so that everyone gets familiarized with it.

3) Shop early! Decide what new supplies you need, and order online to avoid lines at the cashier and the stress of running out of certain materials and books. Online shopping is a great way to buy things in bulk or without having to drive around going to different places. You can also shop Goodwill online! Ask everybody what they need, have them double check your order and click. And remember—you can still support Seattle Goodwill by doing your online shopping via! Just select us as your preferred charity.

4) Decide which summer items you don’t want to keep for the next year now instead of unnecessarily using space to store them for the winter. Do the same with your fall and winter closets and approach them with a critical eye. Donate what you no longer want or need and you will be amazed at all the space you will be making for more updated and suitable things that will fit your family’s current needs better.

5) Get everyone excited about their new gear! Being well equipped makes everyone look forward to the new school year and get a good head start academically, in sports and in your career. Plus, nothing makes it easier to say goodbye to the summer than a few new outfits and materials that inspire you!

6) Have an easy and gradual approach to make things fall into place as you go through your back-to-school routine. You can have a day in which you plan fall outfits or recipes, freshen up the closets and shelves to give your home a makeover. Get your family involved in these activities. Also, marking trips and events in your calendar gets them interested in all the things you will do together when summer ends.

Going back to school can be a daunting transition, but following these tips will help you make it much easier for you and for your family and reduce stress while making it a very enjoyable experience everyone will be looking forward to.

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Elena Nebreda is a decluttering coach at, where she helps people get rid of both their emotional and physical clutter through a relaxed process so they can make room for the life they truly want. She loves dogs, thrifstores and people.

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