Glitter Gala 2015: The Goodwill Design Challenge

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
September 4, 2015

This year the Glitter Gala & Fashion Show will feature a new segment: The Goodwill Design Challenge. 

The Design Challenge is for students—mostly, but not limited to, fashion design students from The Art Institute of Seattle, Sanford-Brown, Seattle University, and Seattle Central Community College. Over thirty students are participating—and will have their final designs displayed at the “In The City” themed Glitter Gala on the runway.Participating students got to come to our Seattle Outlet this week and dig through the bins to find all the perfect building blocks for their masterpieces. The group of participants was given forty-five minutes to peruse the bins—and take anything that would fit in their Goodwill-provided bag and arms. Now, the students are off to turn their finds into runway-ready designs! Between now and Glitter Gala, students will have their work reviewed and critiqued to improve and fine-tune their creations.

At Glitter Gala, three winners will be selected for the categories best use of materials, best interpretation of theme, and audience favorite. Judges include CEO of Seattle Fashion Week Christopher Champman and Seattle Met Magazine Publisher Alysse Bryson.

While we can’t show you any of their designs yet (they haven’t been created!)—take a gander at the fun the students had searching for those perfect items in the bins!

A huge thanks to Pacific Fabrics for sponsoring The Goodwill Design Challenge! 


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