It's National Clean Out Your Garage Day!

by Catherine Sweeney, Creative Circle
September 12, 2015

According to Consumer Reports, 62 percent of Americans report that their garages are a mess. Almost a third of people don’t park their car in the garage.

September 12 is National Clean Out Your Garage Day, so what better day to reclaim that cluttered space?First, think about the activities that you love, such as:

  • Sports and recreation. What’s trapped in your garage? Your bike? Your skis? In a few hours, they will be yours again.
  • Gardening. The fall is a great time to plant bulbs and colorful, cool-weather annuals and perennials—easier when you can access gardening tools.
  • Home projects. By decluttering, your tools and workbench will become accessible.
  • Your car. By the end of the weekend, you’ll have room for it again.

Confront the chaos with smart strategies
Visit our previous blog for garage clean-out strategies. Remember to use three bins—one for recycling, one for donations, and one for items that need to be thrown away.

Goodwill accepts a number of the items that clutter garages. Before you bring in larger items like furniture, be sure to check out locator to ensure that the donation site accepts those items—as not all sites can accommodate items larger than a small end table.

We accept items including:

  • Barbeque grills (must be clean and without propane tanks)
  • Bed frames (but no mattresses or box springs)
  • Futon frames and gently-used futon mattresses
  • Camping equipment
  • Computers, including desktops, laptops and monitors (check your donation site’s guidelines) and computer accessories
  • Exercise equipment
  • Lawn equipment, including gas-powered equipment (must be drained of all fluids)
  • Small household appliances (no large appliances)
  • All kinds of household items (including well-worn textiles that are not wet or mildewed, which are recycled through our partnership with Threadcycle)

If there’s an old car sitting in your garage, we’ll even take it!  You’ll need to contact our partner Vehicle Donations to Any Charity (V-DAC).

See our complete donation guidelines for more information, including restricted items.

Zipvan and Zipcar perks
Do you need access to a van to carry your donations?  Zipcar members can reserve a Zipvan at Goodwill locations including our flagship store on Dearborn and our Ballard store. You can also receive a full-hour refund on driving credit for donating to any Goodwill location in the city of Seattle while driving a Zipvan or Zipcar.  Learn more.

While you enjoy your clean garage, your donated items will fund Goodwill’s Job Training and Education Programs. So why not start your fall with a win-win?


Catherine Sweeney, APR is a professional writer and communicator affiliated with Creative Circle. She dedicates her Goodwill blog-writing in memory of her mom, an avid thrift-shopper and advocate for social change. 

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