Glitter Gala Stylist Intern: Heather Nyland

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
October 8, 2015

With less than one month before our annual Glitter Gala and Fashion Show, the three interns who are putting together the looks that you’ll see showcased on the runway are working hard to create a show that will be engaging, entertaining, and exciting.

One of those interns is Heather Nyland.

Having participated in the Goodwill Design Challenge her freshman and sophomore years at the Art Institute of Seattle, she’s no stranger to Glitter Gala; but this year as a senior, she’s excited to see her work as part of the main runway event. “It feels really exciting to see my work on the runway. It’s my vision out there. That’s a really big opportunity, and I’m grateful that my work will be exposed to so many people.” For this year’s Glitter Gala “In the City”-themed Fashion Show, she’s working on two segments: Urban Getaway and Cocktail Warrior.

Heather was born and raised in Marysville and has been interested in fashion since she was a young girl. “It all started in middle school,” she said, “Looking through the fashion magazines—seeing how beautiful the prom dresses are.” She’s inspired by the over-the-top and extravagant work of designer Roberto Cavalli. “I like to take something ordinary and figure out a special twist to it—to make it special.” She explained. For her, not only is this internship helping her learn more about what she wants for the future, but it’s an opportunity to give back to the community. “I love the heart of Goodwill.” She said, “When I was looking for internships, this one just spoke to me—it’s part of who I am to want to give back and help.”

In the future, she plans to work her way up—and eventually launch her own non-profit clothing line. “I know that everyone is beautiful on the inside, and what I create for them to wear… I want to bring that beauty from the inside out.”

On November 6, you’ll be able to see her hard work come to life on the runway at the Glitter Gala—and purchase her unique looks after the show at the after party!

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