Glitter Gala Stylist Intern: Hannah Larson

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
October 25, 2015

You’ve met Heather Nyland and Trisha Jack, now it’s time you meet Glitter Gala Fashion Show Stylist Intern: Hannah Larson.

Hannah is a Seattle native, barista, quintessential Seattle coffee lover, avid cosplayer, and a fan of fashion. She’s a senior studying Costume Design at Cornish College of the Arts—and no stranger to the Glitter Gala Fashion Show. Last year, she was a dresser at the Fashion Show supporting her classmates (and former Glitter Gala interns) Sonya and Jenn.

She started pursuing sewing and costuming through involvement in cosplay which is recreating anime, video game, and comic book costumes for conventions. While costuming is more her cup of tea (or single-origin shade-grown coffee), she also has a passion for fashion and is excited to see her work on the runway. “This is the first fashion thing that I’ve done. I enjoy fashion, but it’s just not something I’ve been exposed to a ton. It’s really exciting—and totally nerve-wracking!” she told us. She’s designing the “Morning Grind” and “After Hours” segments of the In the City-themed fashion show.

“It’s a huge honor,” she said of the opportunity to do this internship. “I know a lot of Glitter Gala attendees really look forward to the Fashion Show—so it’s very fun and exciting to be a part of an event that does so much good for a company that’s doing so much good.” Because of her previous experience with Glitter Gala, Hannah is well-acquainted with the mission of Goodwill, and is thrilled that her work is contributing. 

Once she finishes her degree, she looks forward to starting off with work in Seattle theaters—and putting herself out there for some high-profile internships at the Santa Fe Opera House and Glimmer Glass Festival. Ultimately, she would like to do costumes for films. “I really appreciate designers that put humans in monster costumes rather than just falling back on CGI [computer-generated imagery],” she explained. “That’s what I’d like to do. Just give me people to put in monster suites.”

We’re looking forward to seeing how her experience with costuming and fashion plays out in her segments of the Glitter Gala and Fashion Show on November 6!

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