Glitter Sale 2012: The Ever-Fashionable Animal Print

by Lauren Robinson, Seattle Goodwill
October 22, 2012

For decades, animal prints have been the go-to fashion trend for those wanting to make a statement.  Originally worn out of necessity by our cave-dwelling ancestors, and then used to convey wealth and power by ancient kings and queens, animal prints broke into the fashion scene in the 40s and 50s, and they haven't left since.

Bold and chic, animal prints can easily elevate any outfit into an eye-catching, trendy ensemble.  Grab one of these gorgeous animal print pieces at the Glitter Sale, and, with history on your side, be confident that you'll make a fashionable statement every time you wear it.

Norma Kamali dress
Norma Kamali sheath dress


Theory top
Theory 100% silk top


Biana Nygard top
Bianca Nygard top


Moschino shoes
Moschino Cheap and Chic heels


Michael Kors jacket
Michael Kors trench


Item: 47 | 48 | 49 | 50 | 51

Have questions about pricing, size or other details?  Make note of the item number, then join us November 8 for our Twitter Preview Party!


Lauren Robinson is the Digital Communications Coordinator at Seattle Goodwill.

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