Connecting Goodwill with new transportation opportunities

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
March 23, 2016

Seattle's new transportation opportunities connect Goodwill regionally.

When Seattle Goodwill opened its first store at the corner of Boren Ave and Virginia Street in 1923, Seattle’s population was around 315,000. By that time, we had state, county, city, and privately owned transportation options including ferries, cable and street cars, and traditional rail. Over the next 93 years, Seattle changed a lot—the city’s footprint grew, population boomed, then shrunk, and is now booming again. Today Seattle’s population is around 662,000 and our central region is served by four primary transit agencies that all work in tandem: Seattle Department of Transportation, King County Metro, and Washington State Department of Transportation, and Sound Transit.

Thanks to these agencies—and a couple of recent major additions—our 24 stores are more accessible than ever. Not only can you access every one of our stores and job training centers by regional transit—but the ability to navigate between them is improving.

The two recent expansions that we’re excited for are the Seattle Street Car and Sound Transit’s expanded Link light rail.

The new Seattle Street Car runs from Pioneer Square, up Jackson Street through the International District, and across Broadway on Capitol Hill. This serves as an excellent connection between our flagship store on Dearborn, and our Capitol Hill store. It also gives people who live on Capitol Hill a quicker way to get to our Seattle Job Training and Education Center.

Since 2009, residents who live on the Sound Transit Central Link light rail line have had fairly easy access to our Seattle Outlet and our store on Dearborn—with stations less than a mile from each store. As of March 2016, the Central Link line connects the southernmost tip of our 7-county region (Tukwila) with stops less than a mile from our Seattle Outlet in SoDo, Seattle store on Dearborn, Capitol Hill store, South Lake Union store, and about a mile from our University District store.

In the areas where the distance between the station and our store is a little longer than you might want to carry your purchases (or donations!), there are additional transit options—like the South Lake Union Street Car—that help close the gap.

We’re not just excited about the interconnectivity between our stores, though. Expanding the Central Link line gives all of the residents that live near it easier access to our largest, most centrally located, Job Training and Education Center—giving them access to work readiness programs, vocational training, youth programs and a variety of support services.

Use our location finder to find stores, donation sites, and job training centers near you!


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