Why #Give1Pound? Our Facebook fans say…

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
April 19, 2016


This Friday is Earth Day! Last week, this week, and through May 2, we’re celebrating the eco-friendly holiday in a plethora of ways. One of the major components of our Earth Day celebration are our daily giveaways on Facebook. For one of our giveaways last week, we asked participants to tell us why they think it’s important to #Give1Pound—and they responded with some fantastic answers.

Check out why our friends and neighbors think it’s important to #Give1Pound for Earth Day:

Giving so that clothing and items can be used by others is such an important part of our society. This act allows us to help ourselves, others in need, and our planet. When we give to Goodwill we also help others further by giving Goodwill the ability to offer the resources it does. I am one of those who have benefitted from Goodwill's merchandise, I am also a regular donator. Giving one pound on Earth day is an important reminder to everyone that we can recycle in more ways than bottles and papers in a bin.

Donating things is an incredible way to give back to our community and help them find jobs. To buy things what they need/want and reusing things is also a great way to save money and being thrifty is like finding treasures on a scavenger hunt. People go out of their way to find things what they really need/want in their lives. We are one big happy family and helping each other out in our communities and supporting Goodwill by saving good money!

#Give1Pound so it can help others. Goodwill is a great organization that helps the community, especially with their job training programs. Help the earth by recycling items instead of throwing them out, there is always a treasure to find.

It is important to #Give1Pound because we need to conserve and protect the amazing things we have on Earth. Reduce, reuse, recycle however you can. If you don't need something and can't use it, take it to Goodwill! We need to save the Earth not just for our generation, but the thousands of generations to come.

Donations help the community. It allows people to buy what they need affordably priced and proceeds go towards Job Training and Education Centers...

Donating is good for the environment and our community! Goodwill can reuse by selling or recycle many things, keeping them from the landfills. And they help so many people with job training!

Giving away to people in need helps that individual feel good about themselves especially when it's not possible for them to help themselves. I know it helped and made me feel good when the donors and staff of goodwill helped me when I was in need.

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Posted by Zane & Marta Fields | Friday, Apr 22, 2016 @ 04:57 PM

Dear Kim, My wife and I would like to donate several big pieces of shop equipment to your Job Training division if it is a possibility. Specifically, there is a commercial size band saw, a hobby level band saw, an 80 gallon air compressor, a diamond bladed professional tile saw and two pieces of exercise equipment. Please let me know soonest if this can be done. I have a "junk hauler" that claims they will take it to your location. Thank you for the valuable work you do to help those in need. Z. Fields

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