House of Style: A Fashion DIY Event

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
June 28, 2016

House of Style: A Fashion DIY Event

Earlier this month, we hosted House of Style: A Fashion DIY Event at our flagship Seattle store. We joined forces with Sydney Mintle of Gossip & Glamour, and local designer Jordan Christianson of Jonquil & Mr. Black to spend an evening with local fashion and DIY (do-it-yourself) bloggers, talking about ways to modify your Goodwill-found fashions to make them your own. Scroll through photos from the event below! 

L to R: Brenda Bryan, Designer Jordan Christianson of Jonquil & Mr. Black, and Sydney Mintle of Gossip & GlamourLeft to right: Brenda Bryan, Jordan Christianson of Jonquil and Mr. Black, and Sydney Mintle of Gossip & Glamour played a huge part in organizing the event, and shared DIY inspiration as well as tips and tricks with attendees. 

Bloggers work on personalizing their Goodwill-found fashions. After shopping the store for a few minutes, bloggers returned to dismantle and upcycle their chosen pieces Bloggers took Goodwill finds, and transformed them into something new.Aimee from Savor The Thread took scissors to her original garment - and we're looking forward to seeing how it turned out! 

Jordan Christianson and Megan Pribble (Diary of This Girl) talk DIY options with a garment.Megan from Diary of This Girl and Jordan Christianson talk about ideas and options for one of Megan's finds. Heidi Eng (New Day Northwest - King 5) and Darcy Camden (Styled Seattle) work on their DIY fashion projects.Heidi from King 5's New Day Northwest and Darcy Camden from Styled Seattle hard at work on their creations. See Darcy's finished distressed jeans here! Jenn (Hello Rigby), Megan (Diary of This Girl), and Katrina (Demure Muse) sift through decorative pieces for their projects.Friends who blog - we can't wait to see what they created! Left to right: Jenn from Hello Rigby, Megan from Diary of This Girl, and Katrina from Demure MuseOne of Jordan Christianson's DIY designsSo simple, and so cute! One of Jordan's designs that he brought in as inspiration was a vintage Levi's jean vest that he trimmed with a lacy embellishment. Stay tuned on our blog for his jean short examples! 

Thank you to all who joined us! Check out all of the attendee's websites and blogs for fashion, lifestyle, and DIY tips! (And don't forget about our Goodwill DIY page!)

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Photos by Elizabeth Kathryn.


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