Goodwill DIY: 5 ways to no-sew modify a t-shirt

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
July 17, 2016

GoodwillDIY T-Shirt Mods

One thing that’s an incredibly easy find at any Goodwill store is a solid t-shirt. There are funny ones, ironic ones, cute ones, plain ones, throwback ones, local ones, foreign ones, ones with someone else’s last name… Goodwill is an unceasing goldmine of all things t-shirt.

So—this summer, while we’re talking about many of the nifty #GoodwillDIY projects you can do, here are a few that can be accomplished with nothing but a t-shirt and a pair of scissors (which, of course, can also be found at Goodwill).WobiSobi_ShoulderTieSHOULDER TIED T-SHIRTWobiSobi
This tied sleeve pattern can be used on its own with an oversized men’s t, or with other tie/braid patterns. Easy, quick, and totally doable no matter what level of a DIY-er you are.

RabbitFoodformyBunnyTeeth_WorkoutShirtDIY WORKOUT SHIRTRabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth
This only takes a couple of minutes to do—and is great for just about any sunny day excursion! (We tried this project! Check out our results here.) 

ILoveToCreate_GlueResistShirtGLUE-RESIST ALTERED T-SHIRTILoveToCreate.Com
This DIY altered t-shirt takes a little extra time—and a few extra supplies (look in our crafts section for glue and dye!)—but looks so cool with the rich, vibrant colors and self-made patterns. Pick your own pattern—whether it’s abstract and free or something like chevron or stripes. Bonus: This one has a suggested no-sew alteration—but keep in mind you can dye the shirt, and use any cut and tie pattern that you want!

Refinery29_CutOutShirtDIY CUT OUT T-SHIRTRefinery29
While you’re hunting for the perfect t-shirt for this project, don’t forget to find the perfect shirt to wear underneath it! This one is all cutting, no tying—and can be done in 15 minutes or so. (PS. We think this might look awesome over a tie dyed shirt!)

AllDayChic_LadderWeaveShirtT-SHIRT RESTYLING IDEAAll Day Chic
Add a little sass to a fitted women’s t-shirt with a simple ladder weave pattern! You can also use this pattern down sleeves, or across the upper chest on a t-shirt that has a higher collar.


BONUS: Now that you’ve got some spare sleeves lying around, make a headband!

If you’re into upcycling and no-sew fashion, check out our Goodwill Design Challenge and No-Sew Refashion Contest! It’s an excellent opportunity to get inspired by other upcycle fashionistas, and get involved by creating your own no-sew fashions with a chance to win a Goodwill gift card and tickets to attend the Glitter Gala


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