Glitter Sale 2012: Update Your Wardrobe with Gold and Silver Metallics

by Lauren Robinson, Seattle Goodwill
October 26, 2012

Dress up your outfit with some shine!  Metallics are huge this season, and the Glitter Sale is the perfect place to find that next shimmery addition to your closet.


Matching Hobé braided gold necklace & bracelet



Vintage Toni Karen dress


Tank top

Halogen top



Givenchy heels



Calvin Klein top



Michael Kors purse


Item: 65 | 66 | 67 | 68 | 39 | 69 | 70

Have questions about pricing, size or other details?  Make note of the item number, then join us November 8 for our Twitter Preview Party!



Lauren Robinson is the Digital Communications Coordinator at Seattle Goodwill.

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