Making a great Halloween costume with Goodwill is quick and easy

by Andrew Lang, Seattle Goodwill
October 20, 2016

There’s an endless number of costumes you can create using Goodwill’s new goods, used goods, vintage clothing and vast amount of Halloween accessories. Coming up with and creating a costume just takes some creativity and a plan.

Need an example of how quick and easy it is to make a great Halloween costume at Goodwill? We spent an hour going through our flagship Dearborn store putting together and designing a costume with Goodwill Salvage Ecommerce Coordinator, former clothing designer and resident Halloween costume expert Gary Foy.

We chose a cowboy-zombie mashup. Here’s how it turned out:

Step 1: Clothing

Once the cowboy-zombie idea was settled on, we took 10 minutes going around the store and grabbing clothing items and accessories. We snagged a classic cowboy hat, western-looking buttonup undershirt, a blazer, boots and a belt with a large buckle.. 

Step 2: Design

Gary first took his scissors to the blazer, hacking off some sleeve and making random cuts to emmulate the wear and tear a zombie might create wandering aimlessly for months and months. He then did the same to the buttonup undershirt and the jeans. He then took shoe polish and scrubbed it all over the jacket and pants to give them more of a well-traveled, worn look.

Step 3: Makeup

Gary grabbed some of our new goods makeup and transformed my face from normal into a blood-thirsty zombie. 

Step 4: Final result

A quick browse through our Seattle Goodwill Dearbon location, some solid use of our Halloween new goods for makeup, some quick design work and voila--you have a cowboy-zombie mashup for a great Halloween costume.

Stop by any of our 24 store locations to pick up the Halloween goods you need to make your perfect cosume this holiday season.


Andrew is a Content Specialist for Seattle Goodwill and has a wealth of writing, communication and digital media experience. He loves all things sports related and owns a treasure trove of memorabilia. He also enjoys storytelling, the outdoors and sugar is his kryptonite.

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