Glitter Gala Styling Intern Profile: Ariel Azcueta

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
September 20, 2016

When the models take the runway at the Glitter Gala Fashion Show on October 15, there will be three individuals largely responsible for the looks you see—the Glitter Gala Styling Interns. Between now and the Gala, we’ll be introducing you to the creative minds behind the “Take Root and Bloom” themed display on the runway.

Ariel Azcueta is a Fashion Design student at Sanford Brown College. She’s interested in pursuing a career in fair trade fashion and sustainable textile practices—perhaps one day working in a textile laboratory that aims to reduce waste from the fashion industry.

Her passion for fashion design grew out of her relationship with her little sister. Growing up Ariel describes her style as very girly, and her younger sister saw that, and wanted to “be beautiful too.” Ariel, wanting to instill in her sister that she is beautiful, started helping her develop her own style. “I went through her closet and started sorting all her clothes and putting them together into outfits.” She explained, “I didn’t know it at the time, but I was styling her wardrobe.” Ariel started noticing that her sister was happy with the selections, and feeling more comfortable in her own skin and wardrobe—and that’s what got her into fashion design.

“What I did for my sister, I want to do for other people as well,” she said. Ariel is passionate about self-expression through wardrobe and self-styling. “I realized you don’t need to follow what other people are doing to feel beautiful. You can find it in your own personal style.” She also volunteers as a stylist at Ruby Room, a non-profit organization that connects low-income high school students with formal attire for events like prom.

She’s inspired by the work of fashion designer Zac Posen—“I like his aesthetic,” she said. “It can be so simple, but little details can bring out so much.”

For the Glitter Gala Fashion Show, Ariel will be styling the second and fifth segments of the show. Her favorite part of the internship experience so far has been pulling items from the store to create her looks—but it hasn’t gone without challenges. “I live in Seattle. I’ve never lived anywhere else. I love wearing black, gray, and white—so adding color has been challenging for me. Even with the segments I have, I keep trying to go back and make it neutral—and I keep telling myself no!” Expect to see shades of green with red highlights in Ariel’s segments.

See Ariel’s work come to life on the runway on October 15 at Glitter Gala & Fashion Show 2016—get your tickets here.


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