Glitter Gala Styling Intern Profile: Monstrociti Wuest

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
October 8, 2016

Last but not least in our series profiling the interns behind the looks on the Glitter Gala runway is Monstrociti “Strociti” Wuest. Thanks to her work, and the work of Ariel Azcueta and Tran Trieu, Gala attendees will enjoy an incredible “Take Root and Bloom” themed runway show on Saturday, October 15th at Hangar 30 in Magnuson Park.

Like Ariel and Tran, Strociti’s love for fashion started in her childhood—and was influenced by her family. Her mother has been a visual merchandiser for Macy’s for over twenty years. “She would take me to work with her and she would let me dress the mannequins,” Strociti said. “It’s like dressing up a human-sized Barbie doll!” A self-professed creative, she decided to pursue her fashion aspirations at the Art Institute of Seattle with a degree in Fashion Marketing and Management.

She’s motivated by the ever-changing landscape of fashion. “It’s always different,” she said. “There’s nothing set in stone. Fashion is always changing.”

Strociti applied for the Glitter Gala Styling Intern position last year—and was a runner up. This year she was selected, and is having a ton of fun. She said of the internship, “What really drew me in was that I thought it would be really challenging for me. I’ve never worked with second hand clothes—and I’m so glad I went for it. There are so many cool things you can find [at Goodwill], and it’s really changed my perspective of thrift.”

As she’s been working on her two segments—focused on roots and trees—she’s been challenged as a stylist. “How do you make brown glamorous?” she laughed. Expect to see some reflections of the earth tones and neutrals from the 1970s, one of her favorite fashion eras, in her looks at Glitter Gala.

Her future plans are certainly not set in stone—but she’s hoping it involves working with visual displays or styling. “If I could get my foot in the door anywhere,” she said. “That would be awesome—everyone has to start somewhere. Everyone pays their dues to be fabulous.” Some of Strociti’s “fabulous dues” will be paid on the runway on October 15 at Glitter Gala.

Tickets are on sale online through Sunday, October 9. 


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