Glitter Gala Fashion Interns

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
October 13, 2016

Glitter Gala Interns: Tran Trieu, Strociti Wuest, Ariel AzcuetaSitting above our Online Department at our Flagship store on Dearborn is our Vintage Fashion Collection. Right now—just a few days before Glitter Gala—a workroom is taken over by our three Glitter Gala Fashion Interns, Ariel Azcueta, Tran Trieu, and Monstrociti “Strociti” Wuest. The room is nearly wall-to-wall racks full of clothes that are being sorted, evaluated, and transformed into runway looks for the Glitter Gala Fashion Show.

The theme for this year’s fashion show is “Take Root and Bloom”—a fitting theme for our focus this year: High School Completion Programs. The fashion show will depict different “levels” of the plant growth process—starting underground with the roots, pushing out through the grass, and up toward the sky. Strociti will be focusing on the roots and bark segments, Ariel on grass and leaf, and Tran on flower and sky.

They’ve come up against their fair share of struggles depicting their themes. “How am I supposed to make brown on top of brown look fabulous?” Strociti laughed, pointing out that her segments are roots and bark. “It’s good having Jahna here.” Ariel mentioned—Jahna Hildebrandt is Seattle Goodwill’s Philanthropy Manager, and the primary person behind the organization of Glitter Gala. “She’s always asking us the question, ‘Where’s the Glitter?’ and guiding our looks.” Together, the interns all affirmed that they’re learning a lot about critically thinking through how things will appear on the runway, thanks to Jahna’s guidance.

“I think we’re just all really excited,” Tran said, when asked about their feeling that their runway show was fast approaching. “Yeah, I’m just all-around excited,” chimed Ariel, with Strociti following up: “Probably on the day of the show it’s going to be an adrenaline rush! But I’m excited now.”

All of their looks will be seen on the Glitter Gala runway on October 15—and it’ll all help raise funds for our job training and education programs


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