Glitter Sale 2012: All That Glitters – Add Some Sparkle With Brooches

by Lauren Robinson, Seattle Goodwill
October 30, 2012

Brooches are a great glittery accent to any outfit, and with these jeweled beauties showing up everywhere on the fall runways, now is the perfect time to wear them.  Grab one of these gorgeous pieces at the Glitter Sale November 10-11 to brighten up any grey fall day.

Blue brooch

Blue stone brooch


Pea pod

Trifari peas in pod brooch


Orange and green cross brooch

Emmons orange and green cross brooch


Red and gold brooch

Avon red and gold flower brooch


Gold and silver brooch

Gold brooch with a crystal center


Purple brooch

Purple stone brooch


Item: 76 | 77 | 78 | 79 | 80 | 81

Have questions about pricing, size or other details?  Make note of the item number, then join us November 8 for our Twitter Preview Party!


Lauren Robinson is the Digital Communications Coordinator at Seattle Goodwill.

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