Halloween DIY: Frankenstein

by Andrew Lang, Seattle Goodwill
October 29, 2016


A classic year after year, you can’t go wrong with an iconic Frankenstein costume.

Here’s a fun Frankenstein fact: Did you know the 8-foot monster with facial scars and bolts in his neck isn’t really named Frankenstein? In fact, the real Frankenstein—in author Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel—is the monster’s creator, Victor Frankenstein. The monster, who in the novel was addressed as creature, fiend, spectre, the demon, wretch, devil, thing, being, ogre and was never given a name. Over time, the creature became known as Frankenstein and is one of the most well-known monsters today.

Call him what you will. We’re going with Frankenstein, and you can easily dress up as Victor Frankenstein’s creation with our quick and easy hair and makeup DIY tips.

Here is what you need to bring Frankenstein to life:

  • All black sport coat
  • Dark blue undershirt
  • All black slacks
  • Black shoes
  • Neck bolts
  • Makeup or face paint

Finding all the clothes you need for your Frankenstein costume should be fairly easy, and it’s really the makeup that will make your monster stand out. 

And before you go out and frighten the villagers, be sure to snap a photo and enter our annual Goodwill Costume Contest


Andrew is a Content Specialist for Seattle Goodwill and has a wealth of writing, communication and digital media experience. He loves all things sports related and owns a treasure trove of memorabilia. He also enjoys storytelling, the outdoors and sugar is his kryptonite.

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