Celebrating 90 Years - Tina Witherspoon is Hooked on Thrift

by Katherine Boury, Seattle Goodwill
February 26, 2013

Tina Witherspoon is a dedicated thrifter who has become an expert at finding unique items at Goodwill. She has her own blog, glam.spoon, and line of eco-chic clothing of the same name that incorporates recycled and re-purposed fabrics.

LAMB shoesHow did you start shopping at Goodwill?
My mother took me to my first thrift store to buy a dress for my 8th grade graduation. I was hooked from day one! When I moved to Seattle in the 1990's I discovered the South Lane Goodwill Store and would spend hours shopping, hunting for buried treasures. I furnished most of my apartment with Goodwill purchases. I also used to act in local plays and would furnish my own costumes with pieces I found at Goodwill. Theaters are always on a budget, so the price was right, but when you're trying to costume a character from the 1960's, there's nothing better than finding actual clothing from the 1960's to wear on stage. Even though I can afford to buy new goods, there's just something about vintage and pre-loved items that appeals to me. Thrift store shopping is just part of my life and Goodwill stores are my first choice.

Your clothing line incorporates a lot of items purchased from Goodwill.  Where did you get the idea to do this?
It started in my closet. I wondered why some of the things I had purchased were never really worn. I started to refashion them and I became obsessed with the process of transforming. I would look at a plain skirt at the thrift store and think "this is a great base for a better design." After that I was hooked and started buying things just for the fabric. It's more of an art process than fashion and it's really fun.

One of Tina's designs

How do you embrace the recycle/re-purpose movement?
My family was never extravagant growing up. We would always make something before buying something new. It's always been part of my life. When the reduce/reuse/recycle movement became so widespread it made what crafters do actually cool! I think it’s great that there are events like "Trash Fashion" now and businesses making products specifically out of recycled materials.

What is one of your most unusual finds at Goodwill?
I have found some great things over the years: a treadle sewing machine, vintage designer clothing, even my own designs! One time I found a pair of shoes I had in high school.

Your blog, Glamspoon, highlights your clothes as well as a lot of local designers and events.  How do bloggers influence the community with their fashion style?
Blogging was something I stumbled into as a way of documenting my projects. I never thought I'd have a following! It's been really great though to meet readers and get feedback. Just having a platform to show your style gets people engaged. I follow lots of local and national fashion bloggers and I love seeing how they put an outfit together. Personal style is such a great form of self-expression, it really does influence the community.

Do you have any favorite trends coming for spring 2013 or is there someone inspiring you?
I've been looking at resort-wear lately - probably because it's so cold out! I love the fresh colors for spring and the casual chic vibe. I love Seattle, but sometimes I dream of living in a year-round warm weather state.

First photo: L.A.M.B. shoes Tina found at Goodwill and embellished with a ribbon
Second photo: One of Tina's refashioned creations

(Photos courtesy of glam.spoon)

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Katherine Boury is the Communications Manager at Seattle Goodwill.

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