Celebrating 90 Years | Shopping for Goodwill Fashions with Blogger Jess Estrada

by Katherine Boury, Seattle Goodwill
March 13, 2013

Jess Estrada has created a lifestyle blog with FreshJess.com that offers her readers a special perspective on the latest Seattle events, fashion, non-profits and popular culture. She has also been a dedicated Goodwill shopper for many years because she is passionate about both the mission and the unique finds. She frequently posts photos of her Goodwill purchases on her blog, inspiring her readers with her individual style.

I know you mentioned that you shopped at Goodwill with your family. What are your first memories?
I remember shopping with my grandma, aunts and mom. I found a lot of books and toys while they shopped for clothes! Goodwill (at the Dearborn location in Seattle) seemed so huge to me when I was little. It was like being in a big treasure trove every time.

CoatWhat do you like about shopping at Goodwill?
Thrift shopping is always about the thrill of the find. Any time I can find a vintage or designer piece at a steal of a price is exciting. Probably my most unusual (and favorite) find is this tan overcoat with faux-fur trim. I found it at the Glitter Sale (on Sunday afternoon!) for an amazing price. It fits me perfectly and I get compliments on it every time I wear it.

Your blog FreshJess highlights a lot of local culture and fashion in greater Seattle community. How do you see Goodwill affecting our local community?
Goodwill's job training and education efforts are a huge impact on the greater Seattle community. Sometimes the traditional school system just doesn't work for some, and for others, they're looking at a chance to start over. Goodwill provides the platform for them to head on the right path.

How do bloggers influence the community with their fashion style?
I feel like bloggers have found success because they are more relatable than, say, a celebrity or model. The fashion blogosphere is big, and there are bloggers that readers of all shapes, sizes, budgets and geographical areas can relate to.

I know you are familiar with the mission of Goodwill as well as the retail stores. Does the mission of Goodwill motivate you to shop there?
Absolutely! Goodwill embodies sustainability through recycled clothing, and service. It feels great to give back while shopping.

Do you have any favorite trends coming for spring 2013 or is there someone inspiring you?
I'm looking forward to the florals and bright colors that accompany any spring, but the black & white and color blocking trends will be especially fun to explore this season. I'm also into the mixed patterns and short suits. I love the styles of L.A. fashion bloggers Sincerely Jules and FashionToast. I wish our weather would allow for more boho, California-girl inspired styles!

Is there anything else that you think is important to add?
Happy anniversary! Looking forward to seeing how Goodwill helps the community over the next 90 years.

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Katherine Boury is the Communications Manager at Seattle Goodwill.

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