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Upcoming Events: Fall 2017

by Andrew Lang, Seattle Goodwill
September 12, 2017

When the summer temperature drops and that cool, crisp fall air rolls in, we at Seattle Goodwill start getting excited. Color-changing leaves and the beginning of football season marks the beginning of a different season for us — Glitter and Halloween season. Some of our favorite holidays and most exciting events are coming up in the next few months. Here's a look at everything we have going on, and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for holiday and event updates.


This is our 10th annual Glitter Gala & Fashion Show—and we’re excited to gather with community and business leaders at our only fundraising event. Our theme this year is Universe of Potential, and all proceeds will support our wraparound services, which are critical to our students while they complete courses and work toward a better economic future for themselves.

There will be a cocktail hour featuring a prize raffle, silent auction, bling toss and also a pop-up shop. After cocktail hour, we’ll settle in for thematically inspired fine dining and the fashion show. Afterward, guests are encouraged to stick around for the after party, where guests can dance the night away and meet fashion show designers.

Event details and ticketing >>


SHOP HALLOWEEN: In stores now!
Swing by one of our stores for all of your Halloween costume needs—from base pieces to alter and create something new—to ready-made costumes—and all the accessories and makeup you may need to create the perfect look.

DIY TOUR: October 7-22

Do you LOVE Halloween like we do, but don’t know where to get started when it comes to crafting that perfect costume? Or maybe you’re a costume pro but just want to add some more creative ideas to your repertoire. We’re here to help, and we’re coming your way! New this Halloween season is our DIY Tour, which will make stops during the weekends between October 7-22 in Seattle, Redmond, Silverdale, Capitol Hill, Monroe, Shoreline, Juanita, South Everett, Edmonds and Bellingham. Make sure to check-in on our social channels for updated information.

GIVEAWAYS: October 20-November 1
Tune into our social media channels on weekdays from October 20 – November 1 to enter to win a variety of local prize packages. As we get closer to the giveaways, we’ll release the list of prizes and giveaway days.

COSTUME CONTEST: October 17-November 2
Submit a photo of you or your child in this year’s Halloween costume for a chance to win some awesome prizes! In past years we’ve had prizes like tickets to a Seahawks game, Deck the Hall Ball, or other local big-name concerts!

Stay tuned on our blog and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for contest and giveaway details—as well as costume inspiration and DIYs! Use #GoodwillHLWN to show off your costume progress on social media!

Goodwill Halloween >>


Curious when the Preview Shop Sale is happening? Want to know where, when and how to get tickets? RSVP to our Glitter Sale Facebook Event.

GLITTER SALE: November 11-12 
This is our biggest, best, brightest and arguably most fun sale of the year. Shoppers come from all over the country to shop for eveningwear, purses, shoes, jewelry, designer labels and vintage fashion in this two-day shopping event. Tune into our blog and Facebook Event Page for previews, tips and information about the Glitter Sale Preview Shop event! Use #GlitterSale to share your finds—and see finds from others.

Glitter Sale >>

Our stores, donation sites, job training and education centers and administrative offices close each year on Thanksgiving so our staff can enjoy the holiday with their loved ones.

Stay tuned on our Sales & Events calendar for store hours and details on our After Thanksgiving Sale!

Sales & Events Calendar >>

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Glitter Gala Fashion Interns

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
October 13, 2016

Glitter Gala Interns: Tran Trieu, Strociti Wuest, Ariel AzcuetaSitting above our Online Department at our Flagship store on Dearborn is our Vintage Fashion Collection. Right now—just a few days before Glitter Gala—a workroom is taken over by our three Glitter Gala Fashion Interns, Ariel Azcueta, Tran Trieu, and Monstrociti “Strociti” Wuest. The room is nearly wall-to-wall racks full of clothes that are being sorted, evaluated, and transformed into runway looks for the Glitter Gala Fashion Show.

The theme for this year’s fashion show is “Take Root and Bloom”—a fitting theme for our focus this year: High School Completion Programs. The fashion show will depict different “levels” of the plant growth process—starting underground with the roots, pushing out through the grass, and up toward the sky. Strociti will be focusing on the roots and bark segments, Ariel on grass and leaf, and Tran on flower and sky.

They’ve come up against their fair share of struggles depicting their themes. “How am I supposed to make brown on top of brown look fabulous?” Strociti laughed, pointing out that her segments are roots and bark. “It’s good having Jahna here.” Ariel mentioned—Jahna Hildebrandt is Seattle Goodwill’s Philanthropy Manager, and the primary person behind the organization of Glitter Gala. “She’s always asking us the question, ‘Where’s the Glitter?’ and guiding our looks.” Together, the interns all affirmed that they’re learning a lot about critically thinking through how things will appear on the runway, thanks to Jahna’s guidance.

“I think we’re just all really excited,” Tran said, when asked about their feeling that their runway show was fast approaching. “Yeah, I’m just all-around excited,” chimed Ariel, with Strociti following up: “Probably on the day of the show it’s going to be an adrenaline rush! But I’m excited now.”

All of their looks will be seen on the Glitter Gala runway on October 15—and it’ll all help raise funds for our job training and education programs

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Glitter Gala Styling Intern Profile: Monstrociti Wuest

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
October 8, 2016

Last but not least in our series profiling the interns behind the looks on the Glitter Gala runway is Monstrociti “Strociti” Wuest. Thanks to her work, and the work of Ariel Azcueta and Tran Trieu, Gala attendees will enjoy an incredible “Take Root and Bloom” themed runway show on Saturday, October 15th at Hangar 30 in Magnuson Park.

Like Ariel and Tran, Strociti’s love for fashion started in her childhood—and was influenced by her family. Her mother has been a visual merchandiser for Macy’s for over twenty years. “She would take me to work with her and she would let me dress the mannequins,” Strociti said. “It’s like dressing up a human-sized Barbie doll!” A self-professed creative, she decided to pursue her fashion aspirations at the Art Institute of Seattle with a degree in Fashion Marketing and Management.

She’s motivated by the ever-changing landscape of fashion. “It’s always different,” she said. “There’s nothing set in stone. Fashion is always changing.”

Strociti applied for the Glitter Gala Styling Intern position last year—and was a runner up. This year she was selected, and is having a ton of fun. She said of the internship, “What really drew me in was that I thought it would be really challenging for me. I’ve never worked with second hand clothes—and I’m so glad I went for it. There are so many cool things you can find [at Goodwill], and it’s really changed my perspective of thrift.”

As she’s been working on her two segments—focused on roots and trees—she’s been challenged as a stylist. “How do you make brown glamorous?” she laughed. Expect to see some reflections of the earth tones and neutrals from the 1970s, one of her favorite fashion eras, in her looks at Glitter Gala.

Her future plans are certainly not set in stone—but she’s hoping it involves working with visual displays or styling. “If I could get my foot in the door anywhere,” she said. “That would be awesome—everyone has to start somewhere. Everyone pays their dues to be fabulous.” Some of Strociti’s “fabulous dues” will be paid on the runway on October 15 at Glitter Gala.

Tickets are on sale online through Sunday, October 9. 

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Glitter Gala Styling Intern Profile: Tran Trieu

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
September 28, 2016

Last week you met Ariel Acuezeta, one of our Styling Interns who’s working on the looks you’ll see on the runway at Glitter Gala. Ariel encouraged her classmate at Sanford Brown College, Tran Trieu to look into the same internship—and she did—and Tran is the Styling Intern we’re introducing you to today.

Tran Trieu’s interest in fashion started young—even before seven or eight years old. “I watched a lot of Asian entertainment growing up,” she explained. “I saw their costumes and stage performances, and it was just very appealing—so I started sketching a lot of the stuff the models and singers were wearing, and then I started adding my own designs.” As a kid she played dress up with her little sister and received encouragement that she’d be good at fashion design from her mother. During her time at Franklin High School (FHS) she took a sewing class, and remarked, “The teacher taught apparel and textiles—and I got to use sewing machines, and I realized I really liked it.” Toward the end of her high school career, design and art schools started presenting their programs at FHS, and Tran was of course interested.

For the Glitter Gala Fashion Show, Tran’s segments will focus on flowers and sky. She’s inspired by designers like Fendi—who she sees as simultaneously elegant and edgy, a combination that not many lines pull off well.

When asked how she feels about her work at the annual Glitter Gala helping raise funds for Seattle Goodwill’s mission to provide job training and education opportunities, she said, “I feel like I’m benefitting more than Goodwill is! Even on the business side, I’m learning about communication with models, and keeping everything professional.”

In the distant future, she hopes to have her own brand with her own store in New York City. “It’s always better to start from the bottom and work your way up.” she remarked about her future plans. “To be the next Michael Kors—that’s my dream—but in 5-10 years I’m hoping to be something like an assistant designer at Nordstrom or another brand corporate office. I’d like to start with a good brand—I know there’s a lot I can learn from them.” Expect her future line to be cruelty-free, too. “Ethical sourcing is huge for me,” she explained, while talking about her inspiration in leather goods. “We have the technology now to make fake leather that looks and feels very real—so I don’t think we need to use animals anymore.”

To see Tran’s styling work on the runway, join us at Glitter Gala on October 15. You can buy tickets here.


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Glitter Gala Styling Intern Profile: Ariel Azcueta

by Kim Merrikin, Seattle Goodwill
September 20, 2016

When the models take the runway at the Glitter Gala Fashion Show on October 15, there will be three individuals largely responsible for the looks you see—the Glitter Gala Styling Interns. Between now and the Gala, we’ll be introducing you to the creative minds behind the “Take Root and Bloom” themed display on the runway.

Ariel Azcueta is a Fashion Design student at Sanford Brown College. She’s interested in pursuing a career in fair trade fashion and sustainable textile practices—perhaps one day working in a textile laboratory that aims to reduce waste from the fashion industry.

Her passion for fashion design grew out of her relationship with her little sister. Growing up Ariel describes her style as very girly, and her younger sister saw that, and wanted to “be beautiful too.” Ariel, wanting to instill in her sister that she is beautiful, started helping her develop her own style. “I went through her closet and started sorting all her clothes and putting them together into outfits.” She explained, “I didn’t know it at the time, but I was styling her wardrobe.” Ariel started noticing that her sister was happy with the selections, and feeling more comfortable in her own skin and wardrobe—and that’s what got her into fashion design.

“What I did for my sister, I want to do for other people as well,” she said. Ariel is passionate about self-expression through wardrobe and self-styling. “I realized you don’t need to follow what other people are doing to feel beautiful. You can find it in your own personal style.” She also volunteers as a stylist at Ruby Room, a non-profit organization that connects low-income high school students with formal attire for events like prom.

She’s inspired by the work of fashion designer Zac Posen—“I like his aesthetic,” she said. “It can be so simple, but little details can bring out so much.”

For the Glitter Gala Fashion Show, Ariel will be styling the second and fifth segments of the show. Her favorite part of the internship experience so far has been pulling items from the store to create her looks—but it hasn’t gone without challenges. “I live in Seattle. I’ve never lived anywhere else. I love wearing black, gray, and white—so adding color has been challenging for me. Even with the segments I have, I keep trying to go back and make it neutral—and I keep telling myself no!” Expect to see shades of green with red highlights in Ariel’s segments.

See Ariel’s work come to life on the runway on October 15 at Glitter Gala & Fashion Show 2016—get your tickets here.

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