Your generosity will change lives.

Tony lost 23 years of his life in jail. But that’s the past. Today, Tony’s life is finally on-track. He has the skills he needs, a job he loves, and he’s reconnecting with his family. And he’s not the only one you’ll be helping. Your gift to Goodwill now will give thousands more valuable skills training — and the opportunity to make a change.

Every gift contributes to a brighter future.

See what your gift can do:


A store voucher for one goodwill student to purchase clothing for a job interview.

Emergency food cards for 10 goodwill students struggling to feed their families.

Transportation for one goodwill student for a full 8-week course.

You’re changing lives right now


After 23 years in jail, more than half his life, Tony got the skills for success in the computer age—and success with his family. See his full story.

Help your neighbors all around the Sound.

Right in your neighborhood, you’ve probably seen some of the people whose lives have been changed by Goodwill training. That’s how close to home your contribution gets.

Goodwill training centers are right near you:

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“I love helping these people, especially after I help them and they say, ‘Thank you.’ That is what motivates me.” READ MORE »
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