The Community Volunteer Training (CVT) is a resource for volunteers in the greater King County region looking to expand their network and knowledge in Adult Basic Education (ABE) and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL/ESOL). The Seattle Public Library, King County Library System, Seattle Goodwill, and Literacy Source sponsor the CVT in their efforts to empower volunteers from all over the city to raise literacy and basic education needs for adults in our community. By coming together, we believe we can more effectively combat illiteracy and barriers to basic education. 

Training opportunities are offered quarterly at locations in King County.





The next CVT will be held at the Seattle Central Library on Saturday, October 14. Details coming soon.


Thank you to those who attended the Community Volunteer Training at Seattle Goodwill on Saturday, April 1st. 

Click on the title below to download.

Keynote Presentation (PDF Presentation)

Understanding Adult Learners:
Basic Reading for Adult Learners (PDF presentation)
Getting Started on the Right Foot (PDF)
Keeping Adult Learners Motivated (PDF)
Principles of Adult Learning (PDF)

Teaching Job Readiness:
Teaching Job Readiness (PDF Presentation)
Resume Template (PDF)
Star Method Interview Questions (PDF)

Hands On Learning:
Creating Tools & Manipulatives (PDF Presentation)
Creating Tools & Manipulatives (PDF)

Working with Immigrants:
Working with Immigrants (PDF Presentation 1)
Working with Immigrants (PDF Presentation 2)
Immigration Terminology for Educators & Service Providers (PDF)
Undocumented Led Resources (PDF)

English as a Second Language Learners:
ESL Lesson Planning (PDF)
ESL Teaching Techniques (PDF)



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