Zophie L.

There are days when Zophie Leslea, even after years of volunteering, still can’t believe she gets complete access to Seattle Goodwill’s Vintage Fashion Collection (VFC). For a fashion lover such as Zophie, it’s paradise.

Laura M.

Laura has donated more than 300 volunteer hours, starting out as an instructor’s aide in computer classes before transitioning to English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes. With the help of South Everett ESOL instructor Janice Powell, Laura has created a successful talk-time sessions, in which twice a week she meets with ESOL students to facilitate conversations around American culture, idioms, speech patterns and analogies.

Cathie G. and Loanne S.

Cathie and Loanne have spent a combined 500-plus hours volunteering at Bellingham's Job Training and Education Center, teaching a computer explorations class and helping students gain necessary digital skills to enhance their personal and professional lives.

Gonzalo P.

Superlatives aside, the fact Gonzalo has dedicated more than six years and 1,500 volunteer hours toward helping Marysville’s Job Training and Education Center speaks volumes to the impact he’s made in the community he helps serve.

Joe D.

Joe was thumbing through the pants racks at Goodwill’s Shoreline location when he looked up and saw a job training sign. An employee told Joe about Goodwill’s mission, and after doing his own research, he decided to apply for a volunteer role.

Carol M.

Carol, having obtained a degree in social communications and an MBA, was working in her home country of Brazil for a TV programming company in its new media department when her life underwent a drastic change.

Amruta P.

Amruta and her husband moved from Mumbai, India to Georgia in 2013 after marrying. Near her Georgia home was a Goodwill, and she always wanted to volunteer but didn’t have the transportation means to get there.

Theresa O.

Five years ago, Theresa was in line to get into the annual Glitter Sale. She was tired of waiting and eager to shop. There had to be a quicker way in. Perhaps, she thought, if I volunteered, I could get in faster. The following year she signed up to volunteer and attended a training seminar. Little did she know her whole mindset would change that day.

Juliana S.

Juliana Santos grew up in Brazil. As a girl in her home country, she learned English and experienced difficulties that many of our students face. As an adult in Brazil, she taught English. When she and her husband moved to Seattle less than two years ago, she was introduced to Seattle Goodwill through a new friend who was taking classes. In February of 2015, she began volunteering in our Seattle Job Training and Education (JTE) Center, and has since donated over 600 hours of her time.

Charles B.

Boeing is a longtime partner of Seattle Goodwill, and supports our work in a variety of ways. One way they support us is through a volunteer group known as the Boeing Human Resources Career Foundations Program (HRCFP), led by employee and Seattle Goodwill volunteer Charles Bridges, Boeing HRCFP participant.
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