Joe D.

Joe, a Goodwill Philanthropy Team VolunteerJoe was thumbing through the pants racks at Goodwill’s Shoreline location when he looked up and saw a job training sign. An employee told Joe about Goodwill’s mission, and after doing his own research, he decided to apply for a volunteer role.

“I’ve never really had jobs that I really helped people,” Joe said. “So I thought this is something that I’m retired now and I would like to do.”

Joe enjoyed a successful career as a controller and a CFO, handling various accounting tasks. He’d also done some fundraising, which led him to volunteering in the Philanthropy Department where he conducts extensive donor research and has created a manual for future volunteers. He’s enjoyed serving a company dedicated to improving the lives of those facing economic and personal barriers.

“I actually looked for the mission statement first, and it was like, ‘Wow, this is really in line with exactly what I want to do,’” Joe said.  “Just providing that job training, some basic education and just focusing on people who have those barriers to opportunity. Those are three little components in the mission statement that really hit home.”

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