Carol M.

Carol strongly recommends volunteering at Goodwill, particularly because of the sense of community she’s experienced. “The staff are supportive of volunteers and are excellent teachers. The students are all trying to better themselves and taking on hard challenges – like learning a second language late in life. In my own career, many people helped me along the way, and I like being able to pay it forward.”

Shirley S.

For nearly 25 years, volunteer Shirley Stubben has tackled project after project for Seattle Goodwill, approaching every job with a work ethic that's become legendary. What are Shirley’s words of advice for others considering volunteering? “Time is easy to give and so appreciated by nonprofit organizations like Goodwill - and it makes you feel good!”

Jenet J.

Jenet Januto started volunteering first as a PEMCO employee preparing for the annual Goodwill Glitter Gala that raises funds for free job training and education programs. Now Jenet and her daughter, Jamie, encourage others to volunteer as well. “It is just one little way that I can help and have fun at the same time and that is why I keep coming back every year."
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““I’ve never really had jobs that I really helped people,” Joe said. “So I thought this is something that I’m retired now and I would like to do.”” READ MORE »
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