Rocio F.

Rocio connected with Bremerton's Job Training and Education Center, where she took English for Speakers of Other Languages courses. Her improved English-speaking skills has given her more confidence and has allowed her to be more self-sustainable.

Da'Shawna J.

Da’Shawna’s 30 mile-plus bus journey through thick traffic every morning and afternoon is far from what the normal high school student deals with, but that’s the sacrifice she’s made in order to spend her senior year at Franklin High School—the school she’s been attending since she was a freshman.

Square D.

Square, who had been to prison and resorted to using drugs and alcohol to cope with the tragic loss of two daughters, was homeless living in Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle when she made a commitment to herself.

Donald L.

At 65, Donald Lambert isn’t a traditional student. He takes classes at Renton Technical College and Seattle Goodwill, sharpening his writing skills and preparing for more advanced college classes.

Anja S.

Anja left nearly everything behind when she moved from her home in Germany to the U.S. in June, 2010. Anja’s husband, who was in the United States Army and had lived in Germany while serving for more than 30 years, was being relocated to Bremerton.

Shawnteal T.

When Shawnteal was 16, she didn’t think she’d make it to 20. Before coming to Goodwill, she was involved with gangs and drugs, and had already lost several of her best friends. She purposefully isolated herself and rarely left home. Then, one of her friends convinced her to check out the Youth Green Corps program at Goodwill.

Ralph L.

Ralph Lopez, a member of Seattle Goodwill’s Youth Aerospace Program, will soon earn a certificate in precision engineering and enter the workforce. According to Ralph, “The Youth Aerospace program helped me narrow down my options so now I have a clear-cut path to my goals.”

Bianca N.

Everything changed for Bianca when she came to Goodwill. She had a criminal record. People were quick to judge her and slow to offer help. In her words: "When you've made the mistakes I've made, it's hard for people to trust you. But Goodwill stood by me. They gave me my second chance."

Danilo C.

Many of Goodwill’s students immigrate to the United States and have trouble translating their native skill sets. Danilo Caceres is a perfect example. He spent a majority of his career as a police chief inspector in the Philippines. However, his credentials didn’t translate when he moved to Seattle. Danilo discovered the Retail & Customer Service Training Program while shopping at Goodwill.

Naima A.

Naima has diligently studied for the last seven years to learn English. She only finished elementary school in East Africa but is now taking math classes and moving closer to her goal of going to college to become an accountant. Thanks to the support of her dedicated instructors at Seattle Goodwill she is well on her way.
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