Bianca N.

Bianca enrolled in Goodwill's retail program for a second chance at life.Everything changed for Bianca when she came to Goodwill. She had a criminal record. People were quick to judge her and slow to offer help. In her words: "When you've made the mistakes I've made, it's hard for people to trust you. But Goodwill stood by me. They gave me my second chance."

Bianca enrolled in Goodwill's retail program. She remembers thinking at the time: "This is my second chance. This is all I have." Though she was pregnant and often felt sick, she never missed a day of class. After finishing the program, Bianca applied for a job at Goodwill and was hired.

When she thinks about the future, Bianca sees herself at Goodwill.

"I always thought I'd want to be a chef or a cosmetologist," she says, "but now that I'm here, I've fallen in love with what Goodwill does. I want to help others who have similar experiences to me. I want people to be able to redeem their lives and experience success. That's more important than having power and wealth. Goodwill has given me life. It has changed my life. Without Goodwill I don't know where I would be."

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