Financial Supporters

Thank you to our financial supporters

Thank you so much for believing in Goodwill's mission to transform lives one job at a time. Our work is only possible with your generosity.

The donors listed below reflect gifts made between June 25, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

* Indicates employee donors
+ Indicates Honor Roll members

Empowerment Fund Members

Fariba Alamdari

Amy Hanson

Wendy Alexander

Jacquelyn Howard

Jennifer Anderson

Janel Johnson

Taryn Anderson

Cyndra Jones

Patricia Doyle

Kristi Kim

Roberta Doyle

Heather McCulloch

Cathy Gibson

Janine Pritt

Faith Grant

Kate Strobl-Missall

Legacy Circle Members

Mark Benton

Candy J. Lee and Rocke R. Koreis

Charles Chadwick

Cora Lewis

Reah DePriest and Keith Clark

Catherine and Barry McConnell

Joseph and Susan Diehl

Scott Missall and Kathryn Strobl-Missall

James and Marlene Fletcher

The Estate of Elvan Donald Teel

Gregory Gerhard

Larry G. Rand

Cathy Gibson and Aleksei Krasnokutsky

Lauriann and Norton Reynolds

Hanne and Edward Gwilym

Welman Family Fund

Michael Jurich and Rolando Valdepeñas

Margaret Wilhyde

Ronald Kuhl


Leadership Donors

Corporations and Foundations
(Gifts of $1,750 and above)

501 Commons

Integra Supply

Suquamish Foundation

Alaska Airlines

Jackson | Main Architecture, P.S.

U.S. Bank Foundation

Axiom Division 7, Inc.

JTM Construction

Umpquah Bank

Bank of America Foundation

King County Adult & Juvenile Detention

United Way of King County

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

King County Department of Community and Human Services

United Way of Whatcom County



UPS Mail Innovations

Bessemer Trust


Urban Visions

Boeing Company Charitable Trust

Martin Smith, Inc.


C + C


Vijya & Associates/Madison Avenue Realty, LLC

Capital One

MidCo Material Handling

Vulcan Inc.

Center for Children & Youth Justice


Washington Alarm

Comcast NBCUniversal

MMS Giving Foundation

WCP Solutions

Complete Office

Mutual Materials

Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County

Copacino + Fujikado

Nitze-Stagen & Co., Inc.

Workforce Snohomish

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

No More Boring Meetings

YMCA of Snohomish County

Department of Social & Health Services - Region 4

Nordstrom, Inc.


Dolly, Inc.

Ogden Murphy Wallace, P.L.L.C.


East West Bank

PayPal Giving Fund


eBay for Charity

Pepsi Beverages Company


Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

Philadelphia Insurance Companies


Evolve Partner Group

Port of Seattle


Foster Foundation

Robert Chinn Foundation


Goodwill Industries International

Safeway Albertsons


Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs

The Seattle Foundation


Grand + Benedicts

Sentry Industries


Haddad International

Snohomish County Public Works


HomeStreet Bank

Southern Oregon Goodwill 


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(Gifts of $1,000 and above)

Michael and Jessica Aguero

Gibson Family Foundation

Mark and Debra Miller

Welman Family Fund

Adam Akullian

Shirley and David Gordon

Scott Missall and Kathryn Strobl-Missall

Scott and Shirley Wilson

Fariba Alamdari

Bert Gregory

Melissa Morgan

Janis and Kim Wold

Ann Albertson

Salil and Nicole Gupte

Denise Moriguchi

Sally Wolf

Gina Anable

Donald Guthrie and Candace Tkachuck

Amy Morrison Goings

Shannon Woodman-Habel and Darren Habel

Kendall Anderegg and Dan Evans

Amy and Pete Hanson

Sandra Moss

Richard Wright

Jennifer Anderson

Barnaby Harford

David and Paula Moussette

Richard Zahniser

Allan and Tammy Ash

Maureen and Jim Harkins

George and Pauline Mulligan

John Zunick and Mary Jo Gillis

Roger Atlas

Troy and Maria Harper

Donald Munsil


Melanie Baduy

Marc Harper

Tim and Karole Myers


Beezer-Kudla Fund

George Harrison and Charlotte Pier

B.g. Nabors-Glass


Robert Best and Jill Lowe

Tracey Hawk

Bruce and Jeannie Nordstrom


Michael Bini

John and Christina Hayduk

John and Deanna Oppenheimer


Bishop Fleet Foundation

Terrill and Jennifer Hendrickson

Nathan Parker


Molly Bostic

Curtis Hendrickson

Vijya Patel and Scott Block


Willis Brown

Doug and Deb Homola

Tadd and Caroline Perkins


Michael Brownlee

Dave Hopple

Tuan Phan


Breck and Margaret Byers

Trung Hua and Ronald Leimkuhler

John Phillips


Tyson and Erin Campbell

Theresa Iversen

Janine Pritt


Daryl Campbell and Janel Johnson*

Allen and Jane Johnson

Amelia Ransom


Robert Clevenger

Ann and Kylee Johnson

Rao and Satya Remala


Gregory Conklin

Libby Johnson McKee and Jonathan McKee

Michael Retter and Kathleen Fang


James and Marilyn Cook

Julia Love Pritt Private Foundation

James and Lisa Rice


Patricia Coulter+

Michael Jurich and Rolando Valdepeñas*

Kristin and Tod Sakai


Calvin and Lois Crow

Richard Kaplan

Naria and John Santa Lucia


Monica and Jon Croy

Shannon and Jeff Kavanaugh

Cheryl Searle


Kim Curtis and Fred Crase

Justyna King

Broderick and Holly Smith


Preeyel Dalal and Daniel Kaplan*

Robert Kroese and Christina Cramer

Patricia Smith


Siddhartha Dalal

Kean Lim

H. Martin and Patricia Smith


Kirk Dawson

Anita Lopez and Steve LaBossiere

Patty Smith


Jay Decker and Joan Suver

Lisa and Mike Losh

Ryan Smith


Reah DePriest and Keith Clark

Lovsted Family Charitable Foundation

Greg and Monica Smith


DG Foundation

Linda and Jason Lowry

Paul Son


Joe and Sue Diehl

LRCA Peterson Family Foundation

Edmund and Laura Spayd


Patricia Doyle

Wayne and Glenda Lugg

Todd and Karla Sproul


Dennis and Kathryn Driscoll

Lisa Luu

Karen and Addison Stone


Michelle and Tim Eatherton

Diem Ly

Kathy Surace-Smith and Brad Smith


Suzanne and Steve Ebling*

Amy Lynch & Kevin Sweeney

Jonathan Talmadge


James Ellsworth

Chad and Dominique Marion

Cindy Tatko and Richard Cunliffe


The Estate of Elvan Donald Teel

Mark Torrance Foundation

Andrea and Lloyd Tjom


Mark and Susan Esteb

Martin Family Foundation

Karen Trilevsky


Joe and Miya Ferguson

Barbara Martyn

Bill Trimm and Michal London


James and Marlene Fletcher

Morgan Matz and Trevor Shane

Dawn Trudeau


Albert Foster

Anthony McCall

Sarita Viramontez and Kenneth Rosman


Jeff and Jana Foushée

Catherine and Barry McConnell*

June Vynne


Jacquelyn Fuzell-Casey and Tim Casey

Heather McCulloch

Laura and Michael Walton


Faith Gant

Roger Mercer

David Ward


Cathy Gibson and Aleksei Krasnokutsky

Charlotte Merritt

Clay and Mishi Warner


Gerald Gibson

Chris and Laura Meyer

Lucas Watanabe


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Corporate, Foundation and Individual Donors

A     C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z


John Hanratty and Lucy Vaughters

Marc Patten


Peter and Marlene Hansell

Donna Patterson

Carole Aaron and Bruce Peterson

Marilee Hansen

Mariette Patterson

Kenneth Aaron

Richard Hansen

Stan Patterson

David and Audrey Aboulafia

Brenda and Douglas Hanson

Kristen Patton and Errett Story

Claudine Adamo

Gary Hanson

Carlton and Trang Paulmier

Lynn and William Adams

Andy Haon

Julia Payne Cooper

Vivian Adkins

Sigurd and Kay Harbak

Donna Pearson

Michael and Jessica Aguero

Harbor Lands, L.P.

Nancy and Dale Peinecke

Abdul-Aleem Ahmed

Jessica Harkhani

Vic Peirsol and Carolyn Peirson

Robert and Linda Aiello

John and Maureen Harley

Nena Peltin

Sofiane Ait Abdelmalek

Don Harms

Harold Pelton

Ann Albertson+

Evelyn Haroldson

Lin Pena

Editha Alcantara

Robert Harrington

Gregg and Shelley Percich

Philip and Svetlana Alcantara

Catherine Harris

Julian Perez

Susan Alegria and Ubaldo Alegria Garcia

Gregory and Linda Harris

Dennis Perkins

Ardyth and Ralph Alexander

Ruby Harrison

Stanley Perkins

David and Judith Alfred

Lily and Matt Hart*

Diane Peters

Steven Allen

Mustafa Hashi*

Cynthia and Dale Petersen

Yeeman Allen

Tiffany Hatch and Christian Ellerbee*

Joel and Ginger Petersen

Edward and Bonnie Alm

J.W. and Lorraine Hatfield

Helen Peterson+

Carmen Almodovar

Thomas Hauser

Peter and L. Sam Peterson

Adnan Alseidi

Yvonne and Jeff Hawk

Susan Peterson

Leila and Edwin Alvarez

John and Geraldine Hay

Victoria Peterson

Israel Amador

Raydene Hay

Donald and Barbara Pethick

Aidan Amaechi

Sue Hays

Kandice Petorak

Amazon Smile

Michael Hayward

Carla Petrulli

Richard and Marilee Amendola

Thomas Hayward

Rolf and Georgine Pettersen

Yoseph Amhatsion

Irene Hecht

Amruta Phadke and Alok Dhamanaskar*

Gina Anable*

Peter and Nicola Hedberg

Julie Pham

Breck and Gretchen Anderson

Mark Hedgcock

Claire Phelps

Edward and Margarita Anderson

Robert Heeren

Andrea Phillips*

James Anderson

Donald Hehman

Geoffrey Phipps

Loren and Taryn Anderson

Ann Heideman

Christian Piedad and Robyn Phanmeesai

Marie Anderson

Samantha Heim

Doug and Patti Pierce

Patricia Anderson

George Heinrich

Katjana Pierce

Paul Anderson

Elsie Heinrick

Preciosa and Joseph Pierson

Robert and Dona Anderson

Wendy Hellar

Patricia Pillsbury*

Sherry Anderson

Dennis Helmick

Sandra Piscitello

Stephen and Bonnie Anderson

Peter Hendrickson and Nancy Temkin

Peter and Nancy Pitarys

Kim Andersson*

Patricia Henry and Linda Sussman


Kitty Andert

Kathleen Herald

Marcus Pleasant

Jessica Andrewartha+

Jean Hernandez

Walter and Margaret Plimpton

Mike and Arlene Andrewartha

Jean and Robert Herod

Dianne and Richard Plock

Jason Andrews

Samuel Herring

William and Linda Pochmerski

Angel Angeles

Henry and Jenifer Herrmann

Suzanne Pocock

Mike and Kim Anselmo

Matthew Hersch

Russell Pogemiller

Darina Apostal

Sarah Herschler

Sally Pogue and Meg Johnson

Rebecca Arbeene

Margaret and Philip Herter+

Judy Poll

Betty Archer

Kelly Herzberg

Christoph Ponath

Charles Archer

Heather Hess

Maria Pondevida

Irving and Suzanne Arditty

Dave and Cheryl Hewitt

Erlene Poole

Jona-Marie Arnbrister*

Cletes Hicks

Koon-Yui Poon

Michelle Arnott

Sybout Hiemstra

Joan and William Potter

A. Robert and Rita Arnstein

Victor Higgins

Tamara Power-Drutis

Penny Aronson

Jessica Hilburn*

Elizabeth and Edward Powers

Robert Aroyan

Gianna Hill

Ray Prentice

Evelyn Arrigoni

Renie Hill

Robin Prentice

Janet Arthur

Robin Hillier

Sandra Presser

Thomas and Amy Arthur

Deborah Hilsman

Virginia Prestegaard

Richard Asche

Herbert and Betty Hinman

Katerina Prochaska

Erin Ashley

Jaqueline Hintze

Dale Provencher

Garede Assefa

Michiko and Hajime Hirata

Philip and Ruth Puglisi

Averill Aubrey

Joan Hirshberg

Zachery Pulse*

Marian Aughtry

Mack Hogan

Kathleen Purcell

Gary Ausman

Verla Hogan and Donna Hogan Arkle

Robert Purfeerst

Dave and Charlotte Avolio

Carolyn and John Hojaboom

Macy Puz-Fazio and Luke Spencer

Raj Awasthi

Alexandra Holien

Eileen Pyka

Robert Aye+

Diana Holland



Robert Holleman

Barbara Questad

Paul Bader

John and Kerry Hollinger

Jennifer and Rod Quevedo

Bruce Bagamery

Kathleen Holmes

Nicole Quinones

Haimo Bai+

Joseph Hopkins


Paul Bailey

Akira and Lillian Horita

Caroll Raczkowski

Chris and Terri Baldwin

James and Helen Horrigan

Raymond and C. Radke

Bank of the West

Carol and Glenn Horton+

Nicholas Radosevich

Calvin and Lavon Bannon

Keith and Patricia Horton

Loretta and Rollin Radwick

Dolores Bantiles

Josephine Hotson

Roberta Rae

Sandra Baran*

Tina Houston

Mohinder Rahl

John Barene

Janet Hovland

John and Dorothy Raichle

Lynn Barnes

Barbara Howell

Margaret Raichle

Shannon Barnes

Mark Howes

Srinivas Rajagopalan and Aditi  Kannan

Robert and Linda Barnhart

Emmet and Joy Hoynes

Alfredo Ramirez

Carla Barrick

Julia Hu

Elias Ramirez

Bertha Barriga

Shuyi Hu

Christine Ramolet

Dina Basaca

Alan Hua

Susan and Rodolfo Ramos

Karen Bass

Michael Huckins

John Rankin and Denise Mouroux

James Bassingthwaight

Eron Huenefeld

Patricia Rasmussen

Darlene Bauer

Nick Hughes

Andrew Ratcliff

Karin Bauer

Patrick and Marti Hughes

Buddy Ratner

Mark and Nicole Baughman

Kiana Hui

Travis and Katie Rautman

James Beasley and Carla Becker

Charles Hunter

Richard and Kim Rawson

Rebecca Beauchamp

Larry Hurlbert

Thomas Ray

William Beaupre

Lynn Hyde

Carey Rayburn

Marsha Beck

Julia Hylton

Raymond James

Karen Beierle


Theresa and Randall Reahard

Roger Belanich

Felicisima Ibasco

Frank and Deanna Realing

Samuel Bell and Belinda Butler-Bell

Will Ibershof and Kristin Turton

RealNetworks Foundation

Charlotte Bell-Younger and Leon Younger Jr.

ICHS Foundation

Troy and Gina Rector

Sara Bendixen

Miyoko and Joe Ike

David and Barbara Reed

Gary Benitez Guloy and Marylaine Benitez

John Iki

Elizabeth Reed*

Lee and Asia Alderson Bennett

Harold and Kirk Imus

Karen Reed*

Jeff and Jennifer Benoliel

Denise Ingertila

Dorothy Regal

Carl and Cindy Benson

Shirley Isaacson

Regent Products Corp.

Mark Benton

Mitsuko Ishii

Dennis Reichenbach

Megan Bergman

Eric Ishino

Cale Reid

Warren Berkstresser and Reanne Funk

Jannine and Danny Ishler

David Reid

Editha Bernardo

Joseph Ittes

James Reid

Anna Bero


Madge Reike

Bradley Berry

Bernita Jackson

Mildred Renfrow

Edward and Alice Bertram

Julie and John Jackson

Susan Rennert

Brett and Cathi Bibby

Lisa and Trent Jackson

Edward and Lucinda Reuter

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Jackson Healthcare, LLC

Christopher and Connie Rezendes

Ronald Billings

John Jacobi

Gary Rice

David Binns

Christie Jacox

James and Lisa Rice

William and Billie Bitnes

Rhe Jain and David Wolter

Marcia Richards

Karen Black

Awa Jallow

Esther Richmond

Brett McCandlis Brown

Kathleen James

Robert and Ruthe Ridder

Robert and Connie Blair

Ronald Janiszewski

Stanley and Rosetta Ridings

Karyn Blasi

Kathleen Janzen

Amanda Riedlinger

Gerald and Lorraine Blau

Helen Jaspen

Annette and Roger Rieger

Kathleen Bledsoe

Lisa Jellison

Donna Rife*

Dean and Sandra Blinn

Norman Jenkins

Regina Riley+

Ned and Julia Block

Madeleine Jensen*

Elinor Ringland

Carolyn Blount

Richard Jensen

Jennifer and Eric Rinker

Albert Bodero

Inge Jeske

Kamlesh Rishi

Alden Bodtke

Christine Jimenez

Jean and Alex Ritzen

Barbara Boettcher-Rys

John R. Evans, Inc.

Monica Robbins

Janice Bohnert

Christopher Johnsen

William Roberds

Theodore Bolliger

Allen Johnson

Elizabeth Roberts

Gary and Merrily Boone

Ann Johnson

Matthew Roberts and Wady Milner+

Warren and Carolyn Booth

Karen Johnson

Natalie Roberts

Andrew and Darlene Borland

Keith Johnson and Patricia Crockett

Nicole Roberts*

Violeta Borromeo

Larry and Lani Johnson

Shantu Roberts

Patricia Borth

Mark Johnson

Sherri Robertson

Stephen Bosetti

MaryHelen and Rodney Johnson

Ross and Christie Robinson

Betty Bottler

Peter Johnson

Scott and Sylvia Robinson

William Bounmasanonh

Rachel and Drew Johnson

Eric Robison

Tim and Cindy Bovey

Ricole Johnson

William Rodriguez and Aga Winnicka

Allison and Adam Bowhay

Robert Johnson and Heather Erdmann

Wanda Roehl

Lee Anne Bowie

Sally Johnson

Jannie Rood

Kenneth Bowles

Sally Johnson

Jim and Ginny Roodhouse

Carrie Bowman

Shirley Johnson

Jessica Roper

Deidre Bowman

Susan Johnson and Jerry Hollingsworth

Allen and Susan Rosenberg

Stephanie Bowman

Suzanne Johnson and Beth O'Connor

Donald Ross

Patricia Boyd

Tish Johnson

Julitta Ross

Leilani Boyle*

Terry Jo Johnson Wing

Andrea Roufogalis and James Sheldon

Chrystyne Braaten

James Joki

Nita Jo and William Rountree

Steven Bradburn

Betty Jones

Susan Routh

Ariel and Eric Bradler

Bonnie Jones

Andrea Roy

David Bradley

Edward and Kathleen Jones

Christina Roy

Jerre Bradt

Judy Jones

Eleanor Rubie

Karyn and Gary Brady

Marilyn and J. Edward Jones

Richard Rudolph

Lawrence and Marian Brammer

Roy and Vickie Jones

Linda and Tom Ruggles

Michael Brancheau

John Jordeth

John and Ruth Rugh

Susan Brandley

Kristin Jorgensen

Andrew and Dayna Russell*

Mary Brannon

Mahendra and Nayana Joshi

Patricia Ryan and Lawrence Brown

William Brant

Israel and Darcy Juarez*

Edward and Donna Rysemus

Ruby Brantner

Fair Juhl-Spivey


Kerin Brasch and Bruce Hedrick

Suzanne and Chris Juneau

Sandra Sabersky

Mary and Ronald Braun

Jim and Gail Jung

Shane Sackmann

Lael Braymer

Linda Juwvipart

Christian Saether and Mary Sherhart

Elizabeth Brazil


Caety Sagoian

Karinne Breidenbach

David and Jasmin Ka

John and Rose Saladis

Nicole Brennan

Terry Kabanuck

Benita Sales and Helen Ramil

Gene Brenowitz and Karen Domino

Andrew Kalinowski and Todd Nadel


Elizabeth and Frank Bret

Tamirat Kamiso

Marilyn Salter

Fred Brevik

Christ Kantzavelos

Cheryl Saltys

Anne Briggs

Mary Karabaich

Georgiann Sampson

Joseph Bringman

Paul Kassen

San Juan Island Community Foundation

Theresa Britschgi

Florence Katz Burstein and Paul Burstein

Jamie San Mateo

Savannah Brittian

Harjinder Kaur

Jai San Miguel and Brandon Perez

Mari Brockhaus

Navroop Kaur*

Howard and Shannon Sand

Ben Brodie

Shannon Kavanaugh

Richard Sandaas

Peter Brodsky

Shinobu Kawaoka

Richard and Eleanor Sander

Billye Brooks

Dan and Colleen and Colleen Kearin

Anja Sanders*

Debbie Brooks and Charles Davis

Kevin and Julie Keeffe

Dave Sanders

Kim Brooks

Elaine Keehn

Don and Linda Sando

Robert and Lolita Brooks

Robert Kellett

Richard and Frances Sanford

William and Kathleen Brougher

Audrey Kellison

Cynthia Sanrana

Christopher Brown

Brittany Kelly

Josephine Santos

Reggie Brown

Grady Kelly-Post

Alena Sanusi

Robert Brown

Christine Kemp

Pamela Sasaki and Nobuo Yutani

Ronald and Sharon Brown

Frederick Kern

Larry and Amy Sato

Stephanie and Logan Brown

Nick Kerry

Alice Jo and Wally Saubert

Stephen and Lise Brown

Farahnaz Khajavian

Stephen Saunders

Willis Brown

Ejaz Khan

Gloria Savio

Bradford Brumfiel

Muhammad Khan*

Shaheena Sayeed

Diane Brunette

Joseph and Betty-Jo Kij

Allyson and Mark Scalzo

Eugenia and William Bryan

Laetitia Kikumbi

Michelle Scapa

Anita Bryant

Mike and Terri Killeen

Barbara Schaad-Lamphere

Kathy and Bruce Bryant

Nancy Kim

Nancy and Jefferey Schafer

Kimberly Bryant

Shirley Kimball

Lois Schelp and Diane Johnson

Jack and Barbara Bryce

Amy and John King

Thomas and Collette Schick

Paul Brynes

Cheri and Ben King

Marty and Denise Schillaci

Alysse Bryson

Lanny King

James and C A Schinke

Barbara Buck

Dwan and Bruce Kinney

Johanna Schleyer

Darlene Buckley and Amir Manouchehrian

Jay and Julianna Kirschenman

Robert and Shirley Schmidt

Melinda Buckley

John and Ann Kisela

Howard Schoch

Evan and Carolyn Buehl

Kitsap Community Foundation

Schoenfeld-Gardner Foundation

Buffalo Export LLC

Terri Kitto

Mark and Christina Schuetz

Jean Burch Falls

Leslie and Denise Klaff

Steven Schulfer

Susan Burgher

Wesley and Sandra Klang

Gloria Schulz

Robert Burnham

Bob and Cheryl Klein

Lester and Debbie Scott

Robert Burr and Nancy Johnson Burr

Shelley and Tony Kloba

Loretta Scott

Roslyn Burroughs

Kathryn Klosky

Ridgeway and Janet Scott

E. R. Burrows

Jodi Klundt*

Robin Scott*

Alanna and Jonathan Burstein

Henreicus Koeman

Seattle Colleges

Betty and Donovan Burton

Cathy Kohary*

Sedgwick CMS

Wanda Busby

Patricia Komen

Jack Seeley

Gretchen Bussman

Xiao Kong and Xiaoman Yang

Thomas and Janet Seery+

Eva Butler

Earl and Dorothy Korchak

Robert Seffernick

Mitzi and Bryan Butler

Lisa Kotrba

Gloria Seitel

Brian Butman

John Kraushaar

Peter Seitel

Breck and Margaret Byers

Charles and Nocholette Krekas

Katherine Sellars

Teresa Bzdek

Sathyanarayanan Krishnan

Lisa Seminoff


Janis Krug

Robert and Stephen Seng

Gloria Calico

Megan Kruse and Robert Mucklestone

Panya Senket-Temple and Justin Temple

Darcy Camden

Christine Kuepfer

Dolores Sessler

Fred and Paula Campagnaro

Robert Kuhner

Brian and Maricel Setters

Jack Campbell and Lynda Bryan

Mako Kujande

Severson Family Trust

Margaret Campbell

Jana Kumasaka

Kristin Sewell

Patricia Campbell

Donald Kumpula

Lyria Shaffer-Bauck

Wenjing Cao

Patricia Kushmerick

Melinda Shahan*

Irene Cardiente

Kirsten Kushniruk

Jonathan Shales

Daniel Carey

Steve Kutz

Thomas and Susan Shalles

Nancy Carey


Adele and Kenneth Sharaga

Tiffany Carey

Pamela and Thomas LaBelle

Shallu Sharma*

James Carlin

Mary LaCoste

Caryl Sharpe

Hannah Carlson

Rose Laffoon

Chris Sharpe

Lynda Carlson

Paul LaFrance and Janet Ardon

Tor Sharrard

Richard Carlson

Katie Lai

Donna Shattuck

Janet Carnesale

Marsha Lake

Carole Shaw

Britta Carns

Nicole Lale-Saole

Joanne Shaw

Frances Carr

Gretchen Lambert

John and Cynthia Shea

Lind Carr and Leslie Kastelle

Pablo and Kristine Lambinicio

Charlotte Shear

John Carroll

Eleanor and Charles Lang

Clive Shearer

William Carroll

Betty Langbehn

Fu Shen

Reece Carson

Clifford Lange

Peter and Jane Shen

Gretta Cary and Jana Aufai

Toby Langen

Renee Shepherd

Linda Cary

John and Joanne Langlais

Thomas and Kai Shepherd

Britney Casey

Chrystal and Michael Lanning

Walter Sherblon

James and Mary Cashetta

Cynthia Lantry

Anne Sherwood

Tania Castellano

Julie LaPuma

Scott Shiebler

Alan and Phyllis Caswell

Ethylanne and William Larrimore

Walter and Shannon Shields

Marissa and Jonathan Cats

Amelia Larry

Monica Shiflet

Corinne Cavanaugh

Donald and Edith Larson

Peggy Shih

Lisa Caylor

Terence Larson

Ellen Shipley

Ken Cederstand

Scott and Mary Lasley

Jerry and Edith Shipman

Charles and Jean Cerar

Johnnie Lauritzen

Kate and Fritz Shoemaker

Marjorie Chadsey

Susan Lauth

Sara Shoemaker

Pearl Chan and Brent Perez

Kathleen Lavallee

Dae Shogren

Thomas and Angela Chan

Steven Lazoff

Pat Sibley

Changes in Action

Linda Le Brun

Thomas Sibley

Douglas and Emily Chapman

Ann Leachman

Roderick Siders

Luis Charamontes

Lillian Le-Cointe

Helmuth and Norma Siemer

Louise and Edward Chase

Adele Lee

Ron Siggs

Darlene Cheever

Arta Lee

Dave Siguenza

Brian Cheney

Dwight Lee

Jeffrey Sikora

Yung Chi

Jamie Lee

Brian Silkworth and Bill Colter+

Russ Childers and Karen Stockert*

Penelope Lee

Megan Silva

John and Sharon Chilenski

Richard Lee

Nate Silverman

Ling Ching Choi and Karl Hartman

Ray Legault

Ron and Barb Sim

Doug Christensen

Justin Leggett

Jeanette and Glen Simecek

Elsie Christiansen

Shannon Legler

Roberta Simone

Chubb Charitable Foundation

Valerie Legler

David and Margaret Simpson

Rose Chui

Richard and Elizabeth Leider

Robert Sinclair

Frank Chung

John and Elaine Leighton

Terry and Joan Sinclair

Jennifer Chung and Benjamin Baumann

Margaret Lemberg

Daljit Singh


Paulette and Stephen Lemon

Guneet Singh

Michael Clark and Dee Ann West

Duane and Kelly Leonard

Martin and Marilyn Sippy

Susan and Gary Clark

Sara Leonard

David Sizer and Nova Herzog

William and Elizabeth Clark

Matthew and Barbara LePage

Roy and Betty Skibo

Clark Nuber, PS

Zophie Leslea

J. C. Skinner

Samuel Clarke

Anthony and Betty L'Esperance

Stephen Skinner

Jack and Cynthia Clay

Lisa Levine

John Skirving

Christopher Clemens

Svetlana Levshina

Slalom Consulting

Theresa Clemenson*

Jeffrey Lewis

Ann Slater

Garry Clement

Nancy Lewis*

George Slater

Lisa and Keith Clements

Ronnie and Mae Liem

Marilyn Sloan

Margaret Clements

Smaranda Lieuallen

Bryan and Nancy Smith

Elinor Cline

Alicia Lin

Darryll and Kathleen Smith

Jean Clough

Chen Ju Lin

Doris Smith

Justine Coates

Glenda Lin

Hans Smith and Sarah Schrock


Nancy Lind

John and Nancy Jo Smith

Judith Cochran

Frances Lindquist

Patricia Smith

Theresa Cochrane

Jerry Lindskog

Robert Smith

Robert and Mary Code

Steven Lindstrom and Marissa Chargualaf*

Ryan Smith

Robert and Nan Cohen

Richard and Norma Line

Sharee Smith

Steve and Julie Cole

Merwin and Diane Linsley

Travis Smith

Martha and Bruce Collman

Donna and Benjamin Lipsky

Deborah Snyder

Bonnie Colpitts

Alan and Jeannine Lish

Larry Snyder

Meredith Colquitt

William and June Livermore

John Sobolewski

Margaret Comstock

Ashleigh Lobner

Sockeye Construction Corp.

Pete and Kimber Connors

Sonya Locke

Betty Song

Charles Cook

James Lockerbie

John Soth

Frances Cook

Gayle Lockhart

Darlene Sozinho

James and Marilyn Cook

George Lockman and Christine Galbraith

Nancy Spaeth+

Kathy and Benny Cook

Verda Lofton

Derieontay and Mollie Sparks*

Mary Cooper

Carole Logan

Cindy Speare

Pamela Cooper

Ping and Ming Loh

Laurel Spellman Smith

Copacino + Fujikado

James and Elizabeth Lohr

Liisa Spink

Linda Copeland

Angelina Lombardo

Jerry and Norma Spoonemore

Copy Mart

Barbara Longino

Sally and Scott Spooner

Maya Cordova

Daniel Longstreth

Clayton Spriggs

Kristen Cortez

Douglas Lorentz

Wilbert and Celia Square

Brian Costello and Beverly Mills-Costello

Jacki Lorenz

Sivajalini Srikumar

Dwight Cottrill

Miria Lori

Joseph and M. Kathleen St. Hilaire

Michael and Pamela Courtnage

Phillip and Gail Lovell

Kirk and Janet Stallman

Darlene Cox

Jennifer and John Lovin

Myra Stallworth and Troy Dawson

Jenni Cox

Melissa Lowe

Pamela Standal

Meghan Craig

Roger Lowe

Dennis Standeford

Christina Cramer

Linda and Jason Lowry

Raymond Stannard

Kelli Crane

Rita Lucas

Jim Stanton

Debbie Crilly

Monica Lucero

Susan Starr-Defelice

William Cristy and Anita Merrell

Diane and Carl Luedke

Thomas Stauffer

Robert Crittenden and Libby Sinclair

Linda Luke

Rebecca Steadman*

Hazel Crljenko

William Lukov

Bernice and Charles Steele

Monnica Crnkovich-Forsythe

Jaime and Brett Lumsden

Carolanne and Edward Steinbach

David and Gay Croft

Dick and Betty Lunceford

Pat and David Stensel

Charlotte Croone

Emily Lunde

Autumn Stensen

Bruce Cross and Karen Kruse

George Lundin

Dennis Stettler

Dorothy Crossman

Gratitude Luo Family

Jeff and Deborah Stevens

James Crouse

Lori Lupino

Millie Stevens

Sallie Crowell

Susan and Steven Lusa

Donald and Marilyn Stickles

Carin Cunningham

Chester Lusk

Nicholas and Patricia Stigliani

Susan Cunningham

Robert and Dorothy Luther

Dennis Stillman

Alton Cuplin

LV Lomas

Emily and Robert Stipek

Marlene Curley

Jolene and Stephen  Lynch

Radu and Mariana Stoian

Emily and Lewis Curtiss

Nichole Lynch

Marc Stolte

Per Curtiss and Barbara Smith

Birgit Lyshol

James Stone

Delmer Cushing


Thomas Stoneham

Lou Cutler

Phyllis MacCameron

Kenneth and Judith Storey


Michael MacDonald

Robert Story

Rosalie Daggett

Arnold and Donna Mack

Morgan Strand

Chandra Dahal

Vivian MacKay

Amber Straub

Mary Anne and Jerry d'Ambrosio

John Mackean

Joe and D. Dyann Strecker

Nancy and Thomas Danaher

Donald MacLaren

Bob Stroh

Pablo and Alicia Daquep

Hugh Macmahon

Andrew Strom

Girindra Das

Clinton Madis

Todd Stryker

Mohammed Daud

James Madison

June Strzelecki

Margaret Davidson+

Mark and Jackielyn Madlangbayan

Shirley Stubben

Evancia Davis

Gilberto Madrigal

Thomas and Karen Stuen

Patricia Davis

Gary Magnuson and Sharon Masse

Bill and Erica Sugden

Thomas Davis*

Patty Magnuson

Janice Sullivan

Virginia Davis

Evangevine Magpayo

Kate Sullivan

David Davison

John and Hanna Mahlum

Lindsay Sullivan

Lola Day

Jeanny Mai

Sheilah Sullivan

Aida De La Cruz*

Ron Maier

James Summers

Mary De La Grange

Nichole Maiman Waterman and Christopher Waterman*

Phyllis Summers

Michael Dederer

James Malatak

Richard and Lea Sund

Anne-Lise Deering and Mike Anna

Kia Maliko

Delena and Manuel Sunday

Kirby Deines

Robert Malinowski

Donna Sunkel

Peter DeLaat

Richard and Eleanor Mallchok

Mary Sutter

Jay Delaney

Richard and Molly Malloy

Joan Suver

John and Holly Delaney

Ralph and Lee Anne Malott

Kathrine Svensson

Erica Delavan

Julie and Dave Maltos

Louie Swalby

Loida Delfinado

Debbie and Ernie Mamallo*

Alixandrea Swanson

Jennifer Deluao Kehler

Robert Mandich

Thomas Swanson

Pearl Dennison

Rosa Manirambona

Swedish Medical Center

Amy Lee Derenthal

Rachel Manor

Wendy Sweigart and Nancy Despain

Veronica DeSaram

Alexa Manteufel

Jeannette Sylliaasen and Pamela Tollefsen

Julian and Alice Dewell

Roxanne Manzanares

HaleyJo Syth

Frederick Di Nicola and Kathleen Herrin-Dinicola

Julia Marconi


Erica Diamantides

Gary and Penny Marshall

Glenn Taber

Idalice Dickinson

Norman and Karen Marten

Roland Takami

Robert Dietz

Don Martin

William Talcott

Sureyya Dikmen

Judy Martin

Nina Tamaela

Richard and Brenda Dimond

Lauren and Adam Martin

Ling Tan

Arthur Diquattro

Lynette Martin

Minas and Sonia Tanielian

Michael Dire

Mike and Patricia Martin

Shaun Tannehill

William Dittman

Ronald and Carolyn Martin

Robin Tapia

Ted and Janice Divina

Shalika Martin

Target Corporation

Roscius Doan and Virginia Warfield

Harold and Joan Martinell

Julie Tasakos

Patricia Dodds

Imelda Martinez

Rose Tate-Winder and Michael Tate

Vicki and Thomas Dodt

Teresa Martinez-Fiorini and D Fiorini

Samuel Teitzel

Robert Doell

Isabella Mascheroni

John Templin

Michael Doezie

Fred Mason

The Northwest School

Jerry and Rebecca Dolan

Sharlene Mata

Steven and Kim Thein

Ted and Allison Dolan

Erin Maude

Steven Tholl and Diane Buckshnis

Jane and John Dolence

Doris Maxwell

Daniel Thomas

Maria Domar

Martha and Donnie Maxwell

Elizabeth and Jessica Thomas

Mary Dombrowski+

Lisa and David Mayfield

Robert and Marion Thomas

Lou Domingo

Debbie Mayo*

Shelley Thomas

Judith Donaghue

Charlie and Bora McAteer

Mark and Patricia Thome

Raymond and Barbara Donaldson

Moses McBride

Deborah Thompson

Chris and Patrick Donka

Marilyn McCarrell

Jean Thompson

Kayla Donovan

Kevin and Marty McCarthy

Mary Thompson

Richard and Julie Donovan

Bob McCarty

Sylvia Thompson

Pat Dooley

Terrence and Jeanette McClure

William and Donna Thompson

Craig and Jill Dorsey

Tom and Peggy McColl

Sally Thomson

Eric Dow

Brian McConnell

Amy Thorleifson

Irene and Larry Dowling

Robert McConnell and Janet Marshall-McConnell

Nancy and Thomas Thramer

Celsus Doyle

David and Marcia McCracken

TIAA Charitable

James and Louise Doyle

Mark McDermott

Dean and Anne Tibbott

Sandra and James Doyle

Ann McDonald

Charles Tillman

Alyssa Drew

Bonnie McDonald

Carl and Della Tingelstad

John and Evelyn Drexel

Holly McDonald

Donna Titus*

Gabrielle Dryden+

Ruth McDonald

Ronald and Whitney Tjerandsen

Xiaomo Du

Prepedigma McDonnell

Andrea Tjom

Dayna Ducey

Laurie McEachern

T-Mobile USA, Inc.

Ken and Donna Dueker

Karen McElliott

Kristina Todd

Wick and Sheila Dufford

Patty McFall

Margaret Todd

Donna Dughi

Betsy McFeely*

Paulette Toefield

Margaret and Thomas Dunlap

Stuart McFeely and Lynn Jacobson

Martha Tofferi

Ann Cassie Duong

Carolyn McGhee

Ly Tok

Patricia and Stephen Dutko

Kathryn McGonigle and David Rawlings

Deborah and Thomas Tokarz

Andy Duvall

Dona and Bruce McGowan

Luzmelinda Toledo

Hazel Dwoskin

Brian McHugh

Daniel and Jean Tolfree

Denise Dyette

Leo McHugh

Sa Tolliver*


Sarah McKechnie

Catherine Tom

Whitney Earles

Julie McKnight

Nat Tombler

Ian Easton

Teresa McLain

Scott Tomes and Ted Buckley*

Jeffery and Jill Eaton

Richard and Cecelia McLane

June Tomioka and Stephen Ching

Jeff and Zart Eby

James and Nancy McMurrer

William and Molly Tomita

Anne Echols

Frank McMurry

Jann Tompkins

Marilyn Eck

AnneMarie McRoberts

Pamela Tonglao and Erik Johnson

Donald Ecklund

James Mean and Julie Mead

Louise Torseth

Earl Ecklund

Madlena Measelle

Linda and Bill Toskey

Susan and Lewis Edelheit

Eva Mehaffey

David Tott

Edmonds Community College

Roger Mercer

David and Joanne Tozer

Steven Edwards

Kenneth Merideth

Daniel Tracy

Joann Ekstrom

Kathleen and Theodore Merrill

Dien Tran and Van Do

El Mehdi El Haddad

Nancy Merson

Phuc Tran and Ping Chi Huang

Katherine Elias

Lawrence Messenger

Renate Trapkowski

Diane Elliott

Benedict and Kay Messina

Steven Travis

Doris Ellis

Cheryl and Michael Metcalf

Laura Trefethen

Dana Elwell

Kristie Metcalf

Nancy Trenbeth

Amy Ely

Lewis Metcalf

Regina Trevino

Scott Ely

Chris and Laura Meyer

Stephen Triesch

Craig Enck*

Victor Meyer

Heather Trim and Lawrence Jacobson

Barbara Endicott

Glody Mfunkani

Menyeng Tsimi

Heidi Eng

Microsoft Alumni Network

Laura and Kamil Turczanski

Ying and Beverly Eng

Steve Millard+

Mary Kathleen Tyers

Debra Entenman

Andy Miller

Kate Tylee Herz and Matt Herz

Muriel Epstein

Anthony Miller*

Thomas and Marjorie Tyler

Lynn Erickson

John Miller


Joseph Ermenc

Lance Miller

Hillary U

Edgar Escandar

Natalie Miller

Carl and Doris Ulbricht

Lisa Esselstrom*

Patti and Matt Miller

Edelgard Underhill

Richard and Suzanne Essex

Stan Miller

James Updegraff

John Evans

Holly Miller Jones and Jerold Bessette

Michie and Albert Uyeno

Alisha Evans-Goldie

Robert Minto


Kenneth and Margaret Evenson

Steve Mintz

Corrie Vairo

William and Sandra Evenson

Pat Miralda

Hans Van Der Velden

Dana Exum

Lisa Mirth

Michelle Van Dyke


Mano Mishra

R. James and Mary Van Noy

Esther Faber

Loye and Theodore Misselwitz

Elizabeth Vander Pol

Gerald Fairfull

John and Sally Jo Mitchell

Joel Vanornum

Margret Fallon

Joyce Mitchell

Shirley Vaughn

Valerie Falls


Erin Vautier

Tenney Farragher

Eric Moe*

Cathy Vaux

Ingrid and Darren Feider

Doris Moehring

Vince Vazquez

Lynn Felton

Yelfina Molca

Eric Veenstra

Roger and Patricia Felton

Jessyka Molitor*

John and Susan Vendeland

Betty Ferguson

Barbara Monsey

Paul Verano and Troy Hill

Mariluz Fernandez

Howard and Pat Montgomery

Juli Verdieck

George Ferrini

Jessie Montgomery

Beverly Vernon

Ross and Nola Fetters

Aristote Monzele

Adriana Vest

Patrick Feuer

Tina Moody

Emily Vest*

Carol Fields

Dwight Moore

Carolyn and Daniel Vician

Dorothy Fields and Shelley Mickelson

Harry and Cindy Moore

Lawrence and Marlene Vickers

John and Beverly Fisher

Kathie and James Moore

Victory Garden Fund

Lucas Fisher

Larry and Allene Moore

Cruz Vincente

Carolee Flaten

Stuart Moore

Sarita Viramontez and Kenneth Rosman

Robert Fleming

Gabrielle Moorhead

Barbara Visser

Christina Fleskes

Gaston and Marcia Morant

Mark Vitous

James and Marlene Fletcher

Ana Moreno

Anastasia Vlasiuc*

Russell and Raquel Flournoy

Aron Morgan

Marina Vlasyuk

Mark and Paula Fogel

Julie Morgan

Karl Vogel

Arline Fonda

Miguel Moronta

Megan Vogel

Food Lifeline

Daniel and Lynette Morris

Gary Vogelsberger

Clayton and Maurine Forbes

Norma Morris

Sally von Bargen

Rosita Forbes

David Morrison

Michael Voris

Gina Forell

Gregory and Christine Morrison

Kim Vu

Leander and Connie Forsberg

Amy Morrison

Tony Vu

Cindi Forslund*

Kathryn Mortensen*

June Vynne

Fred and June Forster

Edward and Jean Mortimer


Franklin Fort

Paul Moser

Abigail Wade

Karen Fortier

Moss Adams, LLP

Lois Wade

Ashley Foster

Karen Mosteller

Margot Wade-Terry

David and Marlene Foster

Norman and Marylin Moudry

Daryle Waechter-Brulla

Walter and Gail Foster

David Muchmore

Richard Wagoner

Anet Fox

Virgil Mudd

Stephanie Wainright*

Barbara Fox

Joel Mulder

Annie and Ernest Walker

Dangelei Fox

Karen Mulhern-Parks

Sue and Todd Walker

Jinnie Francalangia

Trisha and Eric Muller

Wendy Walker+

Mary Francis

Lillian Mulliken

The Walkinshaw Family Fund

Signe Franzen and Gregory Gleason

Heidi Munson+

Fred and Meri Wallace

Paul and Adine Fredrickson

Shiori Murai

David Walsh and Todd Stryker

Robin Freedman and Howard Choder

Michael Murphy

Chu and Bette Wang

Richard Freidenrich

Craig Murray

Ella and Joseph Ward

Marieluise Frei-Raven and Peter Raven

Richard Muzzi

Judith and John Ward

Erika Freitas

Miller Myers

Claudell and Mary Warren

Marion Friden Andrews and Claudia Goenen

Constance Myhre

Washington Women's Foundation

Charles Friedel


Paul Wastmattelman

Ann and Donald Frothingham

Tong and Yong Na

Kyle Waters

Margaret and Lawrence Fuell

Danielle Naeseth

Tom Watkins

Harriet Fugier

Richard and Barbara Nagaoka

Mary Webb

Joy Fujihira

Sandeep Nagra

Dijon and Lonnie Weholt

Betti Fujikado

Theodore Nakamura

Darryl Weide

John Fujioka

Robin Nakashima

Glen Weigelt

Richard Funk

Rodney Namba

Lucas Welch

Margaret Futran

Kyle Nark

Rebecca Welch


Lawrence Nash

Betty Weller

Bryan and Carol Gadeken

Fred and Janice Naslund

Judy Weller

Erin Gainey

Kunal Nayyar

Lisa Wellman

Galaxy Donuts

Susan and David Neal

Lita Wells

Gary and Faye Gallagher

Walter and Cindy Neary

Sheree Wen

Paul and Nedra Gallagher

Jacob Nease

Michael Wensman

Veronica Galvan and Alex Alicea

Cathlyn Nedved

Josef and Gloria Ann Wernli

James Galvin

Heidi Neff

Mary Jo Wertheimer

Augusta and D.C. Gannon

Lee and John Neff

Bonnie West

Cindy Gardner

Tracy and Barbara Neighbors

Glenn West and Barbara McKnight

Wilma Garrett

AnnaMarie and Spencer Nelson

Janice Westbrook

Peter and Mary Gartshore

David Nelson

Claude Wetzel and Lorna Marshall

Carol Garza

Grant and Karen Nelson

Sarah Whaley

Jack and Fan Gates

Kennard Nelson

Gerald Wheeler

Steve Gattis and Sue Nevler

Michael Nelson

Janet and Vivian Wheeler

Deidre Gauff

Walter and Joyce Nelson

Nadine Whelan

GE Foundation

Amy Neumann

Denise Whitaker and Terron Lindholme

Kidane Gebreyesus*

Peter Neuschwander

Rhon White and Brigit Benson

Jennifer Gee

Emily Newcomer

Susan White-Veninga

Stacy Gehman

Ashley Newell

James and Bonnie Wickes

Arlene Geist

Joel and Dawn Newman

Pete Widowitz

Daniel Geldof

Hai Nguyen

Kurt Wieland

Joseph Genster and Alisa Luber

Kim Nguyen

Janice and Allen Wiesen

Patricia Gentile*

Donald Nibouar

Amber Wight

Walter and Christine Genuit

Mahlon and Jeanne Nichols

Rachel Wilkie

Sarah Geralds*

Penoliva Nickles

Robert Wilkus and John Shadoff

Joanna and Lane Gerber

Margaret and Andrew Nickols

Robert Will

Molly Gerhard

Heli Nielson

Jill and Richard Williams

Rahel Ghebremicael

Carol Nissen

John and Leslie Williams

Vickie and Scott Gibbs

Clara Casey Nolan

Kathy Williams

Rita Gill

Erin Nold

Brian and Lisa Williamson

George Gillespie

Kim Nolte

R. Stuart Williamson

Phillip Ginsberg

Alan Nordell

Morton and Dolores Willits

Holly Gion

Ingrid Norman

Douglas and Dianne Wills

Phillip Gladfelter

Lois North

Richard and Mary Willy

Eleanor Glass

Northwest Barricade & Signs, LLC

Dorene Wilson

Debra Glover

Betty Norwood

Roger and Carolyn Winiecki

Virginia and Thomas Gobeske

Charif Nour

Maiko Winkler-Chin

Jennifer Goblirsch*

Alvin Novack

Michael Winters

Michaela Goebig Phelps

Brian and May Nowlan*

Jack Wires

Arpana and Anu Goel

Marilyn Nowogroski

Gerda Wirz and J.P. Werz

Babak Gol mohammadi

NuBe Green LLC

Leonard Witonsky

Gerald and Cathy Goldman

Gery and Laurie Nunnelee

Mark Witsoe

John and Joan Gonsalez

Ayaan Nur

Jean and Robert Wohlsen

Betty Goobic

Marcie Nymark

Beverly and Erik Wold

Richard and Carol Goodall


Carol and John Wolf

Alan and Susan Gordon

Suzann Oakes

Alfred and John Wolfe

Joyce Gorham

Nicholas Oakley

Marie Wollam-Mergler and Jeffrey Mergler

Slade Gorton

Heidi and Kevin Ob'bayi

David and Susan Woltz

William Gould

Shannon O'Bent

Linda Womack

Kiki Gram

Brandon Obermeyer

Yoon Ju and Barbara Won

Paul and Jenny Graves

Mary Obrien

Fely Wong

Anne Gray*

Stephen O'Brien+

Shannon Woodman

Brent and Eleanor Gray

Irene O'Callaghan

William and Erin Woods

Laurie Gray

Tim and Elizabeth O'Connell

Nancy Wooldridge

Amber Greaves

Manuel and Belinda Octavo

Nancy and Jerry Worsham

James Green

Lisa Odell

Bonnie Worthington-Roberts

Thomas and Audrey Green

Jerry Odom

Christine Woskett

Sue Greenfeld

Sandra and Colleen Ogi

Beth Wright

Roberta Greer

Emiko Okada

Georgia Wright

Shirley Grekin

Linda Olsen

Janet Wright

Karen Greytak

Edgar Olson

Jenifer Wright

Basil and Verena Grieco

Eric Olson

Lyndia Wright

William and Sharon Griffiths

Leslie Olson

Leon Wu

Alyssa and Michael Grigg

Ramona Olson


Yumiko Grimm

Eileen O'Neill-Pardo

Andrea Xaver and Elizabeth Stewart

Carlos Grimmett and Laverne Thompson

Kim Ong

Xian Xu

Craig and Janeal Grosinger*

Helmut and Gayle Opolka


Derek and LeAnna Groth

Lance Ordonez

Corrie and Ted Yackulic

John and Susan Groves

Michael O'Reilly

Lisa Yandrich

Steven Guanlao

Aster Oressa

Won Yang

Masako and Horace Guidry

Gorden Orians

Lee and Barbara Yates

Dan and Jennifer Guinan*

Elizabeth Ormond

Peggy Yeakel

Cheryl Gunderson

Dennis and Mari Ortblad

Sharon and Bill Yenter

Robert and Dawn Guymer

Craig Osbun

Donald and Katherine Yockey


Anita Oscarsson

Winifred Yoki

Melissa Habeck-Roeder

William and Loretta O'Shaughnessy

Edwin Yoneoka

Kathleen Haberkorn

Kevin and Sara Oshikawa-Clay

Lois York

Stanley and Berthe Habib

Pauline Osterloh+

Jeff and Asha Youmans

Alona Habinsky

Kaye and Dennis Ostgard

Catherine Young

Oren and Kathleen Hadaller

Richard Ostrander

James and Gail Young

Haddad International

Joyce and Sean O'Sullivan

Kenneth and Melinda Young

Lloyd Hadley

Rick Oswald

Roger and Barbara Young

Sara Hagensen

Barbara Overlin

Samuel Young

Sophy Hagey

Kelly Jo Owen

Megan Yount

Whitney and Steve Hahn


Lu Yue

Karen Haight

Pacific Northwest Needle Arts Guild

Carolina Yutuc

Robert Haines

Hilda and Brian Packard


Maria Hainsworth

David Page

Anna Zaback

Sherry Halbakken Ogard

Grace Pak

Precy Zaballero

Halfon Candy Company

Shouan Pan

Tanya Zambrowsky

Gina and Larry Hall*

Mita and Ash Pandya

Juan Zamora

Martha Hall

Liisa Pangborn

Edwin and Holly Zapel

Richard and Susan Hall

Mary Pangborn

Eden and Dan Zasloff

Shirlee and James Hall

Robert Pankl

Judith Zeh

Mary Halvorsen

Leah Papernick

Kayla Zeiss

Debbie Hamilton

Robert and Kay Park

Rorie Zejac

Larry Hamilton

Edward and Arlene Parker

Huijing Zhu and Wenjiao Qi

Alice Hammond

Jerry and Paula Parks

Vera and W. Jerome Zimmerman

Robin Hammond

Linda Parr

Afsaneh Zoraghi

Hand in Hand

Jaimini and Anil Patel

Jay and Darlene Zulauf



Christiane Zweifler

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Every effort was made to compile an accurate list of financial supporters. If you think there are discrepancies in the list, however, please contact us at philanthropy@seattlegoodwill.org or (206) 726-5857.


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