Goodwill Craft Corner: T-shirt Scarves

August 30, 2012

Posted in: DIY Projects

Welcome to our Goodwill Craft Corner, where we will share craft projects featuring items found at our Goodwill stores.  Today in our Goodwill Craft Corner – T-shirt scarves!

This simple scarf is easy to make and is a great way to add some color to your outfit.  It is perfect to wear as the weather starts to cool down, but you’re not quite ready to stop wearing your summer dresses and short-sleeve shirts.  I love these scarves because they are super affordable (this scarf cost me $1.50 to make) but still stylish.  It’s also a great project to work on with friends and no one comes up with the same exact thing!

Seattle Goodwill employee ​Crystal Mirth wearing a t-shirt scarf made from Goodwill finds.

How long it takes to make: 1 - 5 hours depending on how detailed you want your scarf to be.

What you need: an XL or XXL t-shirt found at your local Goodwill store, scissors and a flat workspace.


  1. Lay the shirt flat with the front and back hems lined up. Cut straight across under one armpit to the other and then cut off the hem on the bottom of the shirt (save for later).
  2. You should be left with a tube of fabric.  Fold your fabric almost in half left to right, leaving 2-3” exposed on the right-hand side.  Along the fold you just made, cut one inch snips all the way across.
  3. Using the snips you just made, cut across the entire shirt leaving the last 2-3’ uncut!
  4. There are now long loops of fabric all attached at one end (the 2-3” section). Stretch each loop of fabric separately by holding one loop and the uncut edge in your hand….now stretch! Continue with each loop.
  5. Last thing—take the hem you removed from the shirt in the first step. Gather all of the fabric at the seam, where the loops meet, and wrap the hem around it to stabilize.  I like to tie a cute bow!  Cut off any access length on the bow.
  6. Wrap this comfy, original scarf around your neck and be on your way!


Credits and other scarf tutorials can be found at http://myblessedlife.net/2011/10/t-shirt-scarf-tutorial.html.

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