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Tickets on sale for Seattle Goodwill’s Sustainable Sounds concert

April 14, 2017

Posted in: Sustainability

To help us celebrate Earth Day and promote sustainable practices, we’ve partnered with Seattle radio station KEXP and have enlisted the help of local bands Cataldo, Star Anna, Goodbye Heart, Acapulco Lips and Prom Queen for a fun-filled night at our Sustainable Sounds concert.

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Celebrate Earth Month with Seattle Goodwill

April 7, 2017

Posted in: Vintage

At Seattle Goodwill, we deeply value sustainability. We partner with local organization and programs like Threadcycle and eCycle Washington to ensure donations we can’t sell are properly recycled. We use SmartBins and have a LEED Gold Certified Administrative Services building. Last year, thanks to generous donors and shoppers, we kept over 53 million pounds out of landfills.

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Da'Shawna's Story

March 8, 2017

Posted in: Job Training & Education and Student Stories

Da'Shawna had been dealing with some tough times and her grades in school were struggling. Heading into her senior year, there was no guarantee that she’d be able to graduate unless she figured out a way to get her studies back on track during a pivotal time in her life.

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Goodwill Ambassador Spring 2017

March 1, 2017

Posted in: Goodwill Ambassadors

Give people an opportunity to move forward and you’ll often see their success take off.

That’s true for Brycen Smith, the featured student in this issue of the Goodwill Ambassador. He’s learning aviation manufacturing in our Youth Aerospace Program (YAP) and is earning college credit through Everett Community College. His life is taking off. Looking back on his difficult childhood, Brycen saw YAP as an opportunity to change the direction of his life and build a successful future.

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Square's Story

February 28, 2017

Posted in: Student Stories

Square, who had a conviction history and resorted to using drugs and alcohol to cope with the tragic loss of two daughters, was homeless and living in Pioneer Square in Seattle when she made a commitment to herself.

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Donald's Story

January 20, 2017

Posted in: Job Training & Education and Student Stories

At 65, Donald Lambert isn’t a traditional student. He takes classes at Renton Technical College and Seattle Goodwill, sharpening his writing skills and preparing for more advanced college classes.

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Annual Report 2016

January 16, 2017

Posted in: Annual Reports

As you spend a few minutes reading this annual report, you’ll see evidence of the impact we’ve made together. Through personal stories, you’ll hear how the Goodwill family helped people overcome barriers and achieve their goals.

“Breaking barriers” is our theme because it represents students’ progress and success. They overcame barriers such as limited English, lack of job history and adjusting to a new culture.

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Anja's Story

December 13, 2016

Posted in: Student Stories

Anja left nearly everything behind when she moved from her home in Germany to the U.S. in June, 2010. Anja’s husband, who was in the United States Army and had lived in Germany while serving for more than 30 years, was being relocated to Bremerton.

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Let’s Get to Work: When Potential Employers Ask Illegal Questions

October 1, 2016

Posted in: Job Seeker Resources

Employers should only ask questions related to your ability to do the job they are hiring for. Here are some tips for handling questions that may help you answer honestly and safely.

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Goodwill Ambassador Fall 2016

September 1, 2016

Posted in: Goodwill Ambassadors

Luis Rattia thought of Goodwill as a place to donate unwanted items, and an organization that helped poor people. He soon learned how much more Goodwill has to offer.

Fairly fluent in English, Luis had an advanced degree when he moved to Seattle in 2015 from Caracas, Venezuela. He was taking English conversation classes at the public library, trying to find work and build a network of friends. The staff at Casa Latina, a services resource for Latinos, referred Luis to Goodwill.

“Goodwill was really, really helpful for me. I went to job training classes and they helped me write a more American-style resume," Luis said.

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