Donation Drive Event Day: Tips for Success

May 1, 2015

Here's some important information in planning your donation drive.

First, plan on hosting the donation drive for four hours. This will allow enough time for your donors to drop donations and is a managable time frame for volunteers. 

We Will Provide:

Seattle Goodwill staff will be on the premises 15 to 30 minutes prior to the event and will bring attended vehicles, large boxes, pallets, and canopies to protect donations.

What You Need to Provide:

Parking: Ideally, a place to park our vehicles that is visible from the main road. We realize this is not always available, but the visibility does attract more donors.

While we plan on bringing 28 foot trucks, some events may require our tractor trailer combos – approximately  58  feet in length. We need space to park these vehicles and have room for a steady stream of cars.

Restrooms: Since we are providing personnel for the drive – we need access to restrooms.

Volunteers: We need your group to provide adult volunteers to greet customers, unload cars and sort merchandise. Two to four people for the duration of the drive is best. Generally, this is fairly light duty, but may require some heavy lifting.

No Truck Access. Because we want everyone to be safe – we must stipulate that non-Goodwill personnel not access our trucks, lifts, pallet jacks or any other piece of automated equipment.

Donation Handling. Please prepare your volunteers with the knowledge that everything that is donated becomes the property of Seattle Goodwill; volunteers may not take things that others have donated.


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