12 Days of Holiday Blogs: Repurposed Holiday Frames

December 3, 2018

Posted in: Holidays

Creating holiday wreaths from vintage picture frames is a simple, DIY twist on classic seasonal decorations. Seattle Goodwill stores have a wealth of picture frames waiting to be repurposed. Ribbons, ornaments and a little bit of paint can easily turn a used frame into a holiday treasure. Follow the steps below to put a crafty touch on your holiday décor this winter season.

1. Shop Goodwill to find vintage frames, ornaments and ribbons. Goodwill stores offer a broad selection of new and previously owned holiday items that can be reimagined and used for your seasonal projects.

2. Refinish the frame. There are many options, from painting a shiny new acrylic, spray painting a glittery metallic or distressing with paint and sandpaper.

3. Decorate the frame with ribbons, ornaments, and garland. Hang up, and celebrate the season!

Don’t forget to submit a recipe to our Holiday Recipe Contest. You could win a number of great prizes. And visit our blog tomorrow for more, great holiday DIY and décor ideas.

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