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Goodwill a go-to spot for pride fashion

June 17, 2019

Posted in: Shop

Swing by our Goodwill stores to get what you need to celebrate Pride Month.

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Join the Seattle Goodwill Green Team!

June 7, 2019

Posted in: Volunteering and Community

Help us keep the neighborhood clean! Join Seattle Goodwill Green Team to help cleanup the

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Catch up with Goodwill's #GoodwillFaces series

June 6, 2019

Posted in: Student Stories

Read Haley-Jo, Stephanie, Lisa and Daniel's story in the latest round up of our #GoodwillFaces series.

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2019 Spring Goodwill Ambassador

May 22, 2019

Posted in: Goodwill Ambassadors

Our 2019 Spring Goodwill Ambassador features Selam and Kidane, siblings who came to the U.S. from the United Arab Emirates for an American education. At Goodwill, Selam and Kidane found support that has helped them not only transition, but thrive in their new lives in the U.S. 

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Stewarding donations, protecting our mission

April 18, 2019

Posted in: Community

Goodwill relies on material donations from the people in our communities to fund our critical and transformative work to provide free job training and education to people with barriers to employment. The community expects us to put their donations to the highest use possible.

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Doug Baldwin kicks off Safeway and Albertsons-Goodwill partnership with student meet and greet

April 12, 2019

Posted in: Community

Seahawks star Doug Baldwin swung by Seattle Goodwill's King County Job Training and Education (JTE) Center on Friday, April 12, to speak to Goodwill students and help kick off new Goodwill-Safeway and Albertsons partnership.


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National Volunteer Week Spotlight: Margaret Gomez

April 8, 2019

Posted in: Volunteering

Longtime Seattle Goodwill volunteer Margaret Gomez knows volunteering at King County’s Job Training and Education (JTE) Center makes an impact.

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National Volunteer Week Video: Irene

April 7, 2019

Posted in: Volunteering, Community, and Job Training & Education

For National Volunteer Week we learned about Irene a volunteer at the Kitsap County Job Training and Education Center.

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Celebrate Earth Day with Seattle Goodwill

April 3, 2019

Posted in: Contests & Giveaways, Donate, and Sustainability

Earth Day offers a day to reflect on just how much care we need to give our planet. At Seattle Goodwill sustainability is a year-round focus.

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Tips to bargain shopping at Seattle Goodwill

March 13, 2019

Posted in: Sales & Events and Shop

Want the inside scoop on how to best bargain shop Goodwill and uncover those hidden treasures? Check out our tips.

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